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401k Plan Employer Advices

This article provides several advices that are directed toward those employers that feel that the 401k plans of their employees don't receive the appreciation and participation they deserve. Several techniques can be implemented in order to enhance the impact of the 401k plans of your workers, which in turn will facilitate your way through the fulfillment of your business objectives.

  1. Acknowledge your employees with the positive outcomes of their 401k retirement plans.

    In order to increase the returns on the investment in 401k plans you should commit the sufficient energy and time to educate your employees on the benefits of these funds. In this way you will also enhance the connection of the employees toward the company. It has been proven that 401k knowledge on the part of employees significantly increase the chances of successful management of retirement plans.

  2. Continual update of the employees' knowledge regarding the performance of their 401k plans

    You should constantly inform your employees about the current and expected performance and benefits of the 401k plans. Details should be provided for:

    • The reasons for that particular 401k plan structure and the advantages it provides.
    • The cost of the particular benefits that are incurred by the employer.
    • The strategies and goals that the specific retirement aims to meet.

    By showing your employees that the information regarding their retirement plans is transparent and freely accessible at any time, you will certainly increase their confidence in and willingness to contribute to the 401k plans.

  3. Up to the point communication and advices

    Give your employees the exact answers to their questions by directly targeting their concerns. If they receive specific advices and focused communications, the likelihood of convincing them to allocate for their 401k plans is increased significantly. A research has proven that employees that get targeted discussions tend to allocate more money than those who lack them.

  4. Expand your employees' investing culture

    This should be done at all means in case your employees posses the opportunity of selecting their own investments. By providing them with different financial seminars, investment literature and online courses you will greatly facilitate their understanding of such issues as mutual funds, stock market, bonds and compounding. They represent a prerequisite for successful investment decisions.

    By expanding their financial knowledge, you will turn the employees in educated consumers ready to take advantage of the many investment opportunities. Provide them with the advantages of early start in 401k plan investing. You should avoid giving them specific advice, but instead provide them with as much information as possible so that they make the decisions on their own.

  5. Know the offers of your competitors

    Stay informed with the offers of your competitors in the industry you are so that you don't lag behind.

  6. Periodic meetings and discussions

    Every four or less months appoint meetings with the advisors on the 401k plans so that you give the opportunity to your employees with the trends of their plans and get a professional advice.

Remember that information is the best asset one can have. Give your employees as much as possible of it and in this way you will increase significantly their good feelings toward you. Since retirement plans represent a long term investment on which their future well being may depend, educate them about such issues as retirement savings and risk. They will return the favor in terms of loyalty and appreciation.

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