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Financial Advice for the Upcoming Year

Here are some advices you should follow to ensure your financial success during the new year.

Financial Advice 1: Set a financial goal

You should accurately determine for yourself where you want to be at the end of the new year. For example, making general plans like paying down the debt on your account and allocating money in your saving account is not enough. You should determine exact amounts toward which to strive.

Financial Advice 2: Debt Prioritization

Before the start of the new year you should collect the documents of all your debts and see what interest rate each of them has. Order them from the highest interest to the lowest and make sure to cover the debt that has the highest interest rate. Use any of the savings bonds, certificates of deposits and other cash holdings to pay back your liabilities. Since most of them give you in return a small amount as compared to the interest rates you are charged on let's say your credit card account, it will be worth using a certificate deposit to cover a credit card debt.

Financial Advice 3: Unnecessary accounts elimination

Having several checking or savings accounts may have its advantages but the fees that banks charge for these conveniences may belittle the potential benefits. Eliminate the accounts you can live without in order to save money you can further invest.

Financial Advice 4: Automatic savings plan (ASP) possibilities

If you find it too hard each month to allocate money in your investment account, you should sign for one of the many automatic savings plans. How it works? You just call your broker and tell him/her that you want each month a certain amount of money to be withdrawn from your checking or savings account and put into your investment account. This will help you to overcome your spending habits and have each month a set amount of money for investment. Some companies even may offer you to directly purchase their shares after an automatic withdrawal of money from your account.

Financial Advice 5: Individual Retirement Account (IRA) possibilities

The type of investment that offers some of the most advantageous tax benefits is the IRA. If you haven't still opened such an account, consult with your financial advisor to see which one of the many types is most suitable for you (for example traditional IRA or Roth IRA). IRA accounts significantly contribute to your retirement money accumulation and will ensure you better retirement years.

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