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Maximize Contributions to 401k to Benefit Employer Matching

Your next step in building a successful investment portfolio includes the regular contribution to the 401k plan that is provided by your employer. You should strive toward the maximization of your contributions in order to get the most of the matching that your employer provides. The contribution matching possibility has been provided by an increasing number of employers. In case your employer provides this opportunity you should not miss the chance of getting the most out of it. The percentage that is matched from each contribution varies from one company to another. Generally, the percentage is tied to tenure, which means that the more years you have spent with the company the higher the percentage is.

Don't be one of the many employees who undervalue this possibility due to lack of consideration about the time value of money. Additionally, many employees are unwilling to contribute just because they will bring home a lower amount of cash since the contributions are taken away from the monthly paycheck.

If you are foolish enough and decide that you cannot afford to make contributions, you will lose as much as a 100% return on your investment when your employer provides a dollar-to-dollar matching. Therefore, it will be extremely foolish not to contribute.

We are sure that no other investment is able to give you such high returns, since the investments in your 401k plan are tax-deferred and grow undisturbed by taxations for twenty, thirty or even forty years, depending on when you have started to contribute to your plan. As you can see the opportunity cost of not investing in your 401k plan is too high to pay.


As long as your employer provides contribution matching, disregard the debts on your credit card or the unpaid utility bills. It is worth the risk, since you will see the great results in the near future. Otherwise, if your employer doesn't provide contribution matching allocate to your 401k plan as much as your current financial situation allows you. But always contribute to your 401k account!

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