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Our Inspiration

Today when we try to name the great American financiers, we always conjure up the name of Charles Edward Merrill in our minds - the man who had enormous effect on American life.

Merrill had his own vision about investing, he believed passionately that the stock market should serve not only Wall Street insiders but should also be an avenue for the broad mass of Americans. He was the one to burnish the revolutionary idea of "Bringing Wall Street to Main Street."

Merrill's lifelong credo was "first investigate, then invest". Pursuing his believes, he strived to educate both his employees and the public. He brought in an in-house training program on all aspects of merchant and investment banking for his brokers. Additionally, he increased the size and scope of the research department so that clients could be provided with current and more accurate investment advice. To make stock and bond markets intelligible even to the small investor, Merrill's firm published countless reports, magazines and pamphlets explaining how to invest and why people should save for goals like retirement or education. His efforts helped millions gain a better understanding of financial markets and investing.

Merrill left a unique legacy - the democratization of the stock market. Today the stock market no longer belongs to insiders. Now - thanks to the wide availability of mutual funds, 401(k) plans, accessible research and lower trading costs - it belongs to all of us.

Charles Merrill's credo should guide any investor, who has decided to manage his/her own investment portfolio or simply contribute to his/her savings plan. A solid understanding of investing basics and a well-informed introduction to financial planning makes all the difference to your success.

Our Site is a free website offering information, advices and tips on mutual funds and mutual fund investing. It seeks to provide informative and accurate articles to give you the knowledge you need to become a successful mutual fund investor.

Mutual-Funds-Advisor's motto is "Start learning for better earning". We hope and believe that:

  • our advice and tips will help you make better decisions about your money;
  • our glossary will help you learn the jargon and talk like a professional fund investor;
  • our historical data section will help you gain experience by learning from other investors' mistakes and right choices;
  • our articles dedicated to taxation will help you gain a solid understanding of how your investments and retirement plans are taxed and how you can reduce your tax burden;
  • becoming a well-educated investor and applying the knowledge you have gained from our site and other investing resources will help you design the proper investment strategies in order to achieve your financial goals.

Our website is free, it requires no registration and you are welcome to read it without obligation. And yet, have in mind that our website is for informational purposes only and it is not intended in any way to provide individual service or advice. If you need personal advice you should consult a qualified professional regarding your particular situation.

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