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S&P 500 O-Strip Index Definition

Definition - a division of the S&P 500 index, S&P 500 O-Strip Index stocks are listed on NASDAQ and represent around 75 NASDAQ traded stocks.

Index Funds List

The market is flooded by hundreds of index funds, which try to attract the potential investors, by sometimes offering them impossible for accomplishment returns and forecasts for cloudless future.

Index Fund Investing Basics

The available facts about index funds include elements of practice, theory and arithmetic.

Index Mutual Funds Definition

If you are searching for a mutual fund where you can just put your money and watch how they grow, without having to participate in the market, then index funds are the right place to park your money.

A $50 Index Investment

Many investors who are willing to put some time and energy in investing cannot do it due to the lack of the financial resources. There is good news for all of you, young or beginner investors, who lack the cash but own the intelligence and entrepreneur spirit.

Index Creation Methods

Index construction can be done in different ways and it substantially influences the returns on a particular investment. We can identify three main methods: