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Places to Buy Mutual Funds

When deciding to invest in a mutual fund, you should be very careful to whom you give your money. There are several entities that represent a bad choice for the purchase of mutual funds, such as:

  1. Banks

    Banks are not a good place for the purchase of mutual funds first because they mostly offer loaded funds and secondly because your choice will be limited to only one or two fund families. Another shortcoming of banks when the question comes to mutual funds is the scarcity or inaccuracy of information they offer for the funds they sell. Additionally, often the sales representatives fail to ask the appropriate question, which leads to unsuitable advice.

  2. Insurance companies

    Like the banks, insurance companies primarily sell loaded mutual funds. The insurance agents' main concern is their commission, so they love using the term "mutual funds" since the people trust and are familiar with them. Another tactic they often apply is the wrapping of mutual funds into other products, but removing the benefits they offer.

  3. Investment advisors and stock brokers

    As a whole this type of entities are good for receiving financial advice. Some of them will charge you for this advice a determined fee, others will take no fixed fee but instead a percentage of the value of the assets you have put under their management. Others obtain their revenue by selling loaded mutual funds and collect a commission for the service.

Some of the best ways to purchase mutual funds is by:

  1. Mutual fund companies

    The transaction costs are cut by going directly to the source, namely mutual fund companies. The main objective of the mutual fund companies is to serve the needs of their customers in the best way possible. That is why they do not have any concealed traps, since once you purchase shares of a mutual fund company, you become one of its owners.

  2. Discount stock brokers

    Many people prefer to go through discount brokers when investing in mutual funds since they provide greater choice free of any transaction fee. Additionally, discount brokers are a good stopping place for the purchase of mutual funds because they are well acquainted with the latest technologies and are more adept at bookkeeping than many smaller companies in this field.

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