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Listen to Your Mutual Fund Broker

In their attempt to win you as a client many brokers make promises that sound too good to be true. In such cases carefully consider all the strange statements that s/he makes and critically analyze them. Question the broker whenever you cannot figure out the meaning behind his words.

When discussing your mutual fund investment portfolio, ask questions in order to determine whether the proposed investment coincide with your goals. You should clearly state your investment objectives and the level of risk you are willing to take. If the broker offers you an investment that diverges from your mutual fund goals, ask him/her what his purpose of doing so is. If he suggests investing in mutual fund securities that provide the opportunity of triple amount returns for a very short period, you should not jump and invest your money. Consider the opposite case possible, which is the loss of the invested amount.

Some brokers will offer you absolutely guaranteed investments with very low levels of risk. When your broker makes this offer, try to find how this investment is guaranteed and to what extent. Furthermore, ask questions to clarify the nature of the risk so that you can determine whether you are capable of undertaking it in terms of money. Always look at the other side of the coin and question the potential losses you may incur by investing your money in a particular mutual fund.

Always take notes of your meetings with the broker and write down the important points, analysis and promises. These memos will provide you with a point for comparison for the next meeting. If there are considerable differences in his statements, you'd better disconnect any relationships with him/her until you see that s/he resumes his truthfulness.

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