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Mutual Fund Costs Guides

Calculating the Cost of Investing in a Mutual Fund

To maximize earnings or return on their investment in mutual funds investors need to minimize the cost. Thus, knowing the costs of investing in particular mutual funds can help you choose a mutual fund.

No-Load Fund Fees

As the name of the no-load funds imply, such funds do not charge any type of sales load. However, a no-load fund can charge certain types of fees that are not classified as sales loads.

Types of Mutual Fund Fees

Investing in a mutual fund incorporates the payment of various fees. In order to make educated investment decisions you should be aware of them and think of them as one of the factors that determine the type of investment you are to make.

Mutual Fund Broker Costs and Fees

In order to avoid the unfair schemes of many investment advisors and some mutual fund families you should be aware of such issues as back-end loads, expenses for which no sound justification has been provided and redemption fees.

Why No-load Mutual Funds?

Deciding on the construction of a winning investment portfolio includes load free mutual funds. If you are thinking of investing in loaded mutual funds, stop doing it.

Overdraft Protection Costs

You have probably taken advantage of the generous offer of your bank of helping you getting out of a problematic situation through an overdraft protection.

Mutual Fund Fees Glossary

This article provides a mutual fund fees glossary of the main types of costs it is possible to encounter when dealing with mutual funds.

Mutual Fund Cost Basis

Calculating the cost basis of a mutual fund is somehow complicated. This article aims to explain what exactly a mutual fund cost basis is and how you can manage it.

Trapped in a Load Mutual Fund

Contrary to all the advices we have given you, once you own a loaded mutual fund do not try to get rid of it. You have already paid the load and have deprived yourself of the money.

Load Mutual Funds Disadvantages

It will be too unserious to claim that you will be always better off if you invest in load free funds instead of parking your money in a loaded counterpart.

Loaded Mutual Fund Loosing Position

When choosing between load and no load mutual funds, always listen to your inner voice and decide on the latter.

12b-1 Fees and Loads Harm Illustration

In order to better exemplify the negative impact of 12b-1 fees and loads on your investment consider the following scenario.

12b-1 Fees Warning

Some mutual fund companies have put a hidden trap that you should be aware of when deciding to invest your money, namely 12b-1 fees!

12b-1 Fee Caution

E-Trade responded to the tight inspection on the fees of mutual funds by offering its clients a 50% rebate on the 12b-1 fee.

The Fierce Mutual Fund Fee Competition

A cruel war rages in the financial world, a war that takes as its victims uncompetitive mutual funds, namely the Fee War. The funds are fighting for investors, their weapons being the fees they charge.

Mutual Fund Expense Ratio

Mutual fund expenses come directly from your pocket, since they are money, which you could have taken. It is true that they are the needed “evil”, but do you really know how much is exactly your cost for maintaining a particular fund?