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Fund Families Listed by Alphabet

Accessor Capital Management

Accessor Capital Management is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and provides its services to investors of all sizes. The company provides to its clients several types of funds:

  1. allocation funds (such as income allocation, balanced allocation and etc. )
  2. equity funds (growth, value, international and etc.)
  3. fixed-income funds (mortgage securities, high yield bond and etc.)
  4. money market fund (US Government Money)

In addition to the different funds, Accessor offers several advisor services like programs (e.g. Sales and Marketing Support), financial tools and support services (e.g. recordkeeping services, operation services).

AGF Mutual Funds

AGF is a Canadian based investment management company, which has expanded its activities to London, Dublin, Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing. Among the products and services AGF offers to its clients are:

  • Diversified family of more than 50 mutual funds
  • AGF Harmony tailored investment program
  • AGF Elements
  • AGF Private Investment Management
  • AGF Trust GICs
  • Loans
  • Mortgages

AGF has under its management operations around $51 billion in assets.

AIM Investment Mutual Funds

AIM is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and represents a subsidiary of AMVESCAP PLC. In their portfolio of products and services, clients can find:

  • Retail funds
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Variable annuity funds
  • Institutional funds
  • Sub-advised funds
  • Separately managed accounts
  • AIM Private Asset Management portfolios

AIM has around $149 billion in assets under their management.

Allegiant Funds

Allegiant Funds has been established in 1986 and since then provides its clients a wide range of investment opportunities and services.

The mutual funds it offers comprise both domestic and international equity, taxable and tax-free fixed income, asset allocation and money market portfolios.

Among the other products offered are:

  • IRAs
  • Allegiant Advantage Institutional Money Market Fund
  • Charitable Gift Fund

Alliance Bernstein Investment Mutual Funds

Alliance Bernstein Investments has its worldwide headquarters located in New York. It offers its clients many investment solutions to choose from, such as:

  1. Mutual Funds
    • Equity
    • Fixed-Income (both taxable and non-taxable portfolios)
    • Balanced Funds
    • Money Market Funds
    • Closed-end
  2. College planning
  3. Retirement planning
  4. Managed accounts
  5. Annuities

Alpha Analytics Investment

Alpha Analytics Investment Group is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, which is characterized as an "open architecture" investment management firm. It gives its clients access to worldwide range of investment products and services.

The company charges a minimum annual fee of $6,000 in addition to an annual fee of 0.5%. It requires the signing if a long term contract, which however can be terminated by both parties whenever they feel the need to.

Alpine Woods Capital Investor

Headquartered in Purchase, New York, Alpine Woods Investments includes two operating entities:

  • Alpine Woods Capital Investors, LLC - manages Alpine Mutual Funds, which provides its clients both open-end and closed-end mutual funds in addition to its institutional investment management.
  • Saxon Woods Advisors, LLC. - provides private asset management services

Amana Mutual Funds

Amana Mutual Funds Trust has been established in 1986. It offers its clients different mutual funds, retirement plans, such as IRAs, health Savings Accounts and Education Savings Accounts. The latter are also known as Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESA).

Amana funds are being administered by Saturna Capital Corporation, which is based in Bellingham, WA. Amana is being distributed by the Brokerages Services.

American Century Investment Mutual Funds

American Century Investments was established in 1958 and provides its clients with investor centers in Kansas City, Leawood and San Francisco (Bay Area). Among the products and services offered by American Century Investments are:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Rollover IRA services
  • Individual Retirement
  • 529 Savings Plan
  • Priority Investor
  • Investor services

American Mutual Funds

Long existence, high quality performance and the generated sales commissions are just a few of the factors that have contributed to the popularity of the American Mutual Funds. This type of mutual fund family is usually included in most of the companies' retirement plans.

Background of the American Mutual Funds

The American Mutual Fund's roots can be traced way back to the distant 1931, which makes them one of the US's oldest fund families. Back then the fund managers experienced doubt about the future development of the American mutual fund, since with its increased popularity more money was poured in the fund. This greater accumulation required greater investments, where the problem enters the picture. Nevertheless, the American mutual fund managed to overcome such hindrances and now it operates with more than $600 billion worth of investments. They constitute over 30 million accounts of shareholders.

Charles D. Ellis and his book "Capital: The Story of Long-Term Investment Excellence" will provide you with an insight on the history of the American Mutual Fund.

American Mutual Funds Offers:

Altogether there are 29 mutual funds in the portfolio of offers of the American Mutual Funds. The following list provides a summary of five of the funds, which have experienced the highest rates of performance together with their sticker symbol:

  • The American Growth Fund of American Mutual Fund (AGTHX)
  • The American Balanced Mutual Fund (ABALX)
  • The American Income Fund of American Mutual Fund (AMECX)
  • American Amcap Mutual Fund (AMCPX)
  • American Funds Capital World G/I Mutual Fund (CWGIX)

American Mutual Funds Advice

When you have decided to purchase an American Mutual Fund, always bear in mind that the whole fund family are loaded funds, which means that inevitably you will pay a broker a commission. The members of this mutual fund family are generally sold through the services of brokers, who in turn are being paid to find clients for the mutual funds. Unfortunately, the American mutual fund is characterized by one of the industry's highest fees, since you have to pay 5.75% sales charge and an additional 0.25% 12b-1 fee. Luckily, you can always evade to paying these fees by picking load free mutual funds, so consider carefully this option and the effect of the loaded mutual fund purchase on your investment portfolio.

One of the best options of incorporation of the American mutual funds is through their inclusion in your retirement plan or the company 401(k) plan. This is done in order to evade the loads that the American Mutual Fund charges. On the other hand, if your American Mutual Funds are outside of your retirement portfolio, you should carefully consider the alternative of including them.

Ameriprise Financial

Ameriprise Financial has been established before more than 110 years. It manages approximately $440 billion in assets. Among the products and services it offers to its clients are:

  1. Investments
    • Mutual Funds
    • IRAs
    • Annuities
    • Certificates
    • Stocks and Bonds
  2. Insurance Services
    • Life insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Long-term care insurance
    • Auto and home insurances
  3. Banking and lending
    • Checking services
    • Savings and money markets
    • Certificates of Deposits (CDs)
    • Mortgages
    • Home equity lending

AMF Asset Management Fund

AMF Asset Management Fund is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. In the corporate headquarters fixed-income portfolio management is provided, whereas in the New York City office both equity and fixed-income portfolio management is offered to the company's clients.

Among the products that AMF provides are:

  • AMF Ultra Short Fund
  • AMF Ultra Short Mortgage
  • AMF Ultra Short U.S. Government
  • AMF Intermediate Mortgage
  • AMF U.S. Government Mortgage

AmSouth Bank Investment Services

AmSouth Investments Services is the successor of First National Bank of Birmingham. It offers its clients personal finance services and commercial banking. Additionally, it provides many services to small business. As for individual investors wealth management and other investment services are offered.

Aquila Funds

Aquila Investment Management LLC represents the parent company of several affiliations. It is a subsidiary of Aquila Management Corporation. Shares of every Aquila-sponsored mutual funds are distributed by Aquila Distributors, Inc. Among the products that Aquila offers are:

  • Aquila Three Peaks High Income Fund
  • Churchill Tax-Free Fund of Kentucky
  • Hawaiian Tax-Free Trust
  • Aquila Rocky Mountain Equity Fund
  • Narragansett Insured Tax-Free Income Fund
  • Tax-Free Fund for Utah
  • Tax-Free Fund of Colorado
  • Tax-Free Trust of Arizona
  • Tax-Free Trust of Oregon
  • Money-Market Funds

Ariel Mutual Funds

Ariel Capital Management, LLC was established in 1983 and has approximately $16 billion in assets under its management. It offers its clients to invest in such funds as:

  • Ariel Fund - this is the company's small/mid-cap value strategy
  • Ariel Appreciation Fund - represents the company's pure mid-cap value strategy
  • Ariel Focus Fund - represents mid/large cap investment opportunity

Artisan Mutual Funds

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Artisan Partners was established in 1995. It has approximately $50.9 billion in assets under its management. The firm provides its clients with mutual fund and separate account management. Additionally, Artisan Partners include in their portfolio of offers:

  • Artisan Funds
  • International Funds
  • International Small Cap Funds
  • International Value Fund
  • Mid-Cap Fund
  • Mid-Cap Value Fund
  • Opportunistic Value Fund
  • Small-Cap Fund
  • Small-Cap Value Fund

Aston Asset Management

Aston Asset Management I headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and represents a diversified institutional based investment management firm. They offer their clients investment management services for the mutual fund market and several managed account markets.

Asset classes offered:

  • equity
  • sector
  • balanced
  • fixed income and money market funds

Separately Managed Account (SMA) products offered:

  • large Cap Growth
  • Large Cap Core
  • Mid Cap Core
  • Small Cap Core
  • All Cap Select

AXA Financial Advisor

Headquartered in Atlanta, AXA Enterprise Funds is a mutual fund company that strives to offer its clients the most competitive products in the field. The stocks of the company are being distributed by the Enterprise Fund Distributor, Inc., whereas the Enterprise Capital Management, Inc provides the investment advisory services.

  • Among the funds that AXA Enterprise Funds offer are: Aggressive Stock
  • Sector/Specialty
  • International
  • Money Markets and many others.

In addition to the many mutual funds the company offers it provides college savings and retirement solutions.

Badgley Funds

The Badgley Funds was established in 1966 and since then it offers its clients a wide range of products and services. Among the mutual funds, in which investors can participate there are two no-load options: the Badgley Growth Fund and the Badgley Balanced Fund.

The company further offers personal portfolios, IRAs and family accounts. Additionally, investors with Badgley Fund can benefit from personal and charitable trusts and education savings accounts.

Baron Mutual Funds

The company was established in 1982 and Baron Capital Group, Inc. is its parent company. Baron Capital Management, Inc.'s investment advisor is BAMCI, Inc. The company offers its clients a wide range of investment options and services such as:

  • Baron Asset Fund
  • Baron Growth Fund
  • Baron Opportunity Fund
  • Baron Partners Fund
  • Baron Fifth Avenue Growth Fund

BlackRock Investment Mutual Funds

Black Rock was established in 1988 and until then it has managed to amass $1 trillion in assets under its management. On September 29, 2006 Black Rock completed its merger with Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, which led to the increase in the assets under management and the transformation of the company to a global one.

Some of the products, which the company offers its clients, include:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Closed-End Funds
  • Managed Accounts
  • Alternative Investments
  • DC Alliances
  • Retirement Plans

Brandywine Mutual Funds

The Brandywine Funds represents load free growth mutual funds. It is being advised by Friess Associates LLC. Some of the products that Brandywine Funds offer to their clients are:

  • Brandywine Blue Fund - represents a large-cap fund. The target companies are those that have a market capitalization of more than $6 billion.
  • Brandywine Advisor Fund - represents a mid-cap fund. The target companies are those that have market capitalizations from $1 billion to $15 billion.

Brown Brothers Harriman

The Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) didn't enter the banking business from its inception 200 years ago. Instead it starter as an importer of Irish Linen and later enlarged its activities to become the oldest and largest partnership bank in America. BBH offers an extensive list of investment opportunities and services. Some of them are:

  • BBH Mutual Funds
  • Banking
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Fund Accounting
  • Infomediary
  • Outsourcing
  • Private Equity and many others

Burgundy Asset Management Ltd

Burgundy Asset Management Ltd provides its services to private individuals, charitable organizations, pension funds and endowments. The company is fully owned by its employees. Some of the investment opportunities that the company offers its clients include:

  • Burgundy Partners' Global Equity
  • Burgundy US Equity
  • Burgundy US Small Cap Equity
  • Burgundy Japanese Equity
  • Burgundy Focus Canadian Equity
  • Burgundy European Equity
  • Burgundy US Small/Mid Cap Equity
  • Burgundy EAFE Equity
  • Burgundy Global Focused Opportunities Equity

Burnham Financial Group

The company was established in 1931 when I.W. Burnham first came to Wall Street to implement his financial qualities. In the years to come Burnham Financial Group grew to its present sizes. It presents to its clients such investment opportunities and services as:

  • Burnham Fund
  • Burnham Financial Industries Fund
  • Burnham Financial Services Fund
  • Burnham US Government MM Fund
  • IRA services

California Investment Trust Fund Group

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, California Investment Trust Fund Group offers its clients many investment opportunities and services to facilitate their way to the accumulation of wealth. The company offers employee sponsored retirement plans, by providing its clients with the following products and services:

  • Plan design and consulting
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • 401 (k) Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Comprehensive Administration Services

The company has established the Private Client Group by which it manages to identify its clients' financial goals, risk tolerance and investment time horizon. California Investment Trust Fund Group also provides Advisory/Institutional sales.

Calvert Investment Mutual Funds

For approximately 30 years in the mutual fund business Calvert Funds has managed to accumulate more than $13 billion in assets under its operations. It offers its clients a wide range of fund to choose from such as:

  • Calvert Aggressive Allocation Fund
  • Calvert Social Investment Fund Balanced
  • Calvert Capital Accumulation Fund
  • Calvert World Values International Equity
  • Calvert Income Fund
  • Calvert Ultra-Short Floating Income Fund
  • Calvert Insurance Plus Account
  • Calvert Tax-Free Reserve Money Market and many more.

CGM Mutual Funds

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts CGM Funds strives to offer its clients high quality service at reasonable fees. It has managed to establish a rich portfolio of offers, which includes such products as:

  • CGM Mutual Fund
  • CGM Focus Fund
  • CGM Realty Fund
  • CGM Capital Development Fund

Columbia Management

Columbia Management has a direct relationship with the Bank of America Corporation since the first represents the investment management division of the latter. Columbia Management Distributors, Inc is the company responsible for the distribution of Columbia Funds.

The company offers to its clients the following investment solutions:

  • Individual Columbia mutual funds
  • 529 college savings plans
  • Institutional products
  • Closed-end funds

Delaware Investments

Delaware Investments is a member of the Lincoln Financial Group. The goal of Delaware Investments it to provide financial intermediaries for investment products offered by the company. The company offers asset management services for such institutional investors as:

  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Corporate and Public Retirement Plans
  • Endowments and Foundations
  • Taft-Hartley Plans
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Trusts

Among the products for individual investors the company has included mutual funds, managed accounts and insurance products and retirement plans and other products. Delaware Investments provides asset management services for banks, broker-dealers, DC plan providers, insurance companies and many others.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional worldwide companies include:

  • Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)
  • Dimensional Fund Advisor Canada Inc.
  • DFA Australia Limited
  • Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd. (DFA)

Therefore, when referring to Dimensional it should not be understood just one entity, but a group of companies.

The company provides management, engineering, trading and many other services to both institutions and individuals. Through its consultants and financial advisors Dimensional strives to provide the most competitive offers for the best benefit of its clients.

Dodge and Cox Funds

Headquartered in Boston, MA, Dodge & Cox Funds was established in 1930. The company provides its clients with the opportunity to invest in stock funds and balanced funds, which are closed to new investors. Additionally, Dodge & Cox Funds, provide international stock funds and income funds, which are both open to new investors.

The company provides separate accounts and mutual funds to individuals, institutions in addition to the provided retirement plans.

DPCAX Mutual Fund

Dreyfus Premier Greater China Fund History

This fund has been launched in 1998. Until 2003, the fund manager was Adrian Au. The mutual fund is a member of the Dreyfus family and is ticker symbol is DPCAX by which you can check the information on the fund that interests you.

Performance Rates of the DPCAX Fund

The reason that the DPCAX fund has attracted our attention is its top position among the mutual funds for the year 2006 according to the Top 10 Fund List of 2006. The DPCAX fund has won this first position thanks to the high returns it provided to its investors for 2006, namely 85.58%. Other years during which the fund has experienced high returns are 1997 (70.77%) and 1999 (75.58%). Unfortunately, these high returns represent sporadic events, not occurrences during subsequent years. Additionally, Morningstar has assigned the modest two stars to DPCAX, shortly before the fund experienced its positive returns.

Holdings Information for the DPCAX Fund

As its name implies, the DPCAF fund concentrates its trading activity in Greater China. The general rule states that the fund can invest only in companies half of whose revenue or more comes from companies situated in Greater China. As a result, DPCAX is classified as an international equity fund. Currently more than 80% of the fund's assets are in stocks of companies from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Purchase Information for the DPCAX Fund

The DPCAX fund is a type of a loaded fund that charges up to 5.75% of the investors resources. In order to start investing in the fund, you should allocate a minimum of $1,000. An exception is made if it is an IRA. Then, $750 is the minimum initial investment. After this the minimum amount you are allowed to give for the subsequent investments is $100. IRA again represents an exception for there is no minimum amount required. The expense ratio of the DPCAX fund is 2.04%, which represents the ratio for 2006.

Dreyfus Mutual Funds

Headquartered in New York City, Dreyfus Corporation was established in 1951. Currently it has more than $190 billion in assets under its management and provides services for the setting and management of mutual funds. The company is a subsidiary of the Mellon Financial Corporation.

Dreyfus Corporation provides its clients with the following investment solutions:

  • Dreyfus Premier Funds (including both equity and bond funds)
  • Dreyfus Funds (including index funds, Treasury funds, tax-exempt bond funds)
  • Dreyfus Money Market Funds (both taxable and tax-exempt)

DWS Scudder Funds

The US retail brand name of Deutsche Asset Management, DWS Scudder offers many investment opportunities which are distributed by the DWS Scudder Distributors, Inc. The mutual fund family of DWS Scudder is divided in the following sub-families:

  • Value Funds
  • Growth Funds
  • Multicategory / Asset Allocation
  • International / Global Funds
  • Income Funds
  • Tax-Free Income Funds
  • Index-Related Funds
  • Money Funds

Federated Investors Mutual Funds

Established in 1955, Federated Investors, Inc. has achieved the accumulation of more than $237 billion in assets under its management. The company is located in Pittsburg, PA and has managed to build a rich portfolio of investment solutions for its clients.

Among the products that Federated Investors, Inc. offers are:

  • Equity and Fixed Income Funds
  • Money Market Funds
  • Variable Annuities
  • Closed-End Funds

Fidelity Mutual Funds

The Fidelity mutual fund family includes more than 300 funds, which tops it among the biggest mutual fund together with Vanguard and the American Funds. The assets of Fidelity as for mid-2006 amount to approximately $800 billion.

Fidelity is always associated with the name of the celebrated fund manager Peter Lynch, who has proven his proficiency throughout the years. The most famous of the fund family's members is the Fidelity Magellan Fund. The Fidelity family has been the trigger for many innovations in the mutual fund field. Additionally, it is characterized by its extremely disciplined investing philosophy. The company provides one of the most comprehensive services for company retirement plans, advising thousands of investors on the best alternatives for them.

Fidelity Background Information

The company has been established and ran by the Johnson family and as such is classified as privately held company.

1943 : Edward C. Johnson II - President and Director

1977 : Edward Johnson III - Chairman

2001 : Abigal Johnson - President

The wide popularity of Fidelity Investments and Fidelity Funds has led to usually referring them as just "Fidelity". Most probably, the founders of the Fidelity Mutual Funds have chosen the name of the fund to signify accuracy and truthfulness, coming from the mere meaning of the word.

The wide popularity of Fidelity may also be contributed to the provision of many novelties, such as:

  • The first aggressively managed equity mutual fund
  • The first income oriented mutual fund, whose main target is the composition of a mutual fund portfolio made of common stocks.
  • The first to include check writing privileges among its mutual fund services.
  • The first to implement hourly pricing on its Select Mutual Funds
  • In 1981, the company was the first to establish sector mutual funds
  • The pioneer in 800 number direct sale of mutual funds

Fidelity Mutual Fund Offers

In its portfolio of offers, Fidelity has more than 300 mutual funds to present to the attention of its clients. The following are the five most popular funds of the Fidelity mutual fund family together with their sticker symbols:

  • Fidelity Low-Priced Stock Mutual Fund (FLPSX)
  • Fidelity Contra Fund (FCNTX)
  • Fidelity Puritan Mutual Fund (FPURX)
  • Fidelity Magellan Mutual Fund (FMAGX)
  • Fidelity Spartan 500 Index Mutual Fund (FSMKX)

First Focus Funds

First Focus Funds provides its investors with many mutual fund solutions. The distributor of the company is BISYS Fund Service. First Focus Funds provides its clients with a wide spectrum of investments to choose from. Some of them are:

  • International Equity
  • Growth opportunities
  • Core Equity
  • Balanced Portfolios
  • Nebraska Tax-Free Options
  • Short-Intermediate Bond and many others.

The company strives to identify the individual's risk aversion and give him/her investment options with the corresponding level of returns.

First Investors

First Investors has been established in 1930 and since then strives to offer its clients the most competitive investment solutions from the mutual fund field.

Among the many offers to its clients, First Investors provides a wide collection of mutual funds such as All-Cap Growth, Colorado Tax Exempt, Focused Equity to name a few. In addition to the mutual funds, First Investors offer Life Insurances and Annuities as well as Education Funding. Finally, the company provides retirement planning for the investors who are ready to think of their retirement years.

Firstar Funds

Firstar Funds offers its clients a wide range of investment solutions and services form which to choose from. The investors can pick from offshore funds, money market funds forex funds and many others. Additionally, the company provides investment and asset management. Hedge funds and real estate investments are also included among the options available to the company's clients. For those of you who are interested in planning for their retirement, detailed information can be found on the Firstar Funds' website.

Forester Funds

The Forester Value Fund is managed by Tom Forester, who has managed to achieve great performance rates for the fund. The fund has positive rates for the past six years and has outperformed the S&P 500 for the past four years. Shares of the fund can be directly purchased or through the services of one of the following brokerage firms:

  • Schwab
  • Fidelity
  • Ameritrade

Franklin Templeton Investments

Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Franklin Templeton Investments is a publicly owned company which stocks are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

The company provides its investors many funds to choose from in addition to 529 college plans, Coverdell ESAs and separate accounts.

Some of the closed-end funds offered are:

  • Franklin Universal Trust
  • Templeton Emerging Markets Fund
  • Templeton Global Income Fund and etc.

Among the services offered, investors can benefit from account services and education and retirement planning services.

Goldman Sachs

Established in 1869, Goldman Sachs is headquartered in New York and has several offices worldwide as in London, Tokyo Hong Kong and Frankfurt. It is global investment banking, securities and investment management firm.

Goldman Sachs provided asset management and mutual funds (both Japan Funds and Offshore Funds). In addition to these, the firm offers US funds such as variable insurance trust funds.

Other products provided by Goldman Sachs include:

  • US Equity (US Growth Equity, US Value Equity)
  • Global Equity (such as UK, Japan and Europe Equity and etc.)
  • Quantitative Equity
  • Balanced Strategies
  • Fixed Income/Currency (such as UK, Japan and Europe fixed income)

Additionally, the firm provides managed accounts and global cash services.

Green Century Funds

Founded in 1991, Green Century Funds includes mutual funds that are environmentally responsible. The administrator of the company is Green Century Capital Management (GCCM).

In order to meet its goal of providing mutual funds including companies that are with strong environmental performance records or are solving environmental problems, Green Century Funds provide their clients with the following investment solutions:

  • Green Century Balanced Fund
  • Green Century Equity Fund

Guardian Group of Funds (GGOF)

Established in 1962, the Guardian Group of Funds provides its services to clients from all over the world. It represents a subsidiary of the Bank of Montreal. Among the domestic and foreign investment options you can find money markets, fixed income and balanced and equity funds. The company is famous for diversifying its funds by asset class and geographic region.

GGOF has divided its funds into income, equity and diversified sub-families. After selecting the sub-family within which the investor wants to put his/her money, s/he is provided with an extensive list of funds to choose from.

Harbor Mutual Funds

Harbor Funds provide its clients with many investment solutions, which are mainly distributed by Harbor Funds Distributors Inc. the company has divided its mutual funds into:

  • Domestic Equity
  • International Equity
  • Fixed Income

Harbor Funds provides fifteen mutual funds divided in the mentioned above categories. All of them are no-load mutual funds. Clients can choose from such funds as Capital Appreciation, Global Value, Short Duration and etc., distributed among the different sub-families.

Additionally, the company provides its clients with a dividend calculator on its website from where they can calculate the potential dividends to be received.

HighMark Funds

Headquartered in Boston, MA and with more than $7 billion in assets, HighMark Funds provides its clients with many investment solutions ranging from conservative money market funds to aggressive growth funds. The registered advisor of the company is HighMark Capital Management Inc, whereas the distribution of the fund is provided by SEI Investment Distribution Co.

HighMark Funds has divided its funds into:

  • Asset Allocation Funds (e.g. Capital Growth Allocation Fund, Income Plus Allocation Fund and etc.)
  • Fixed Income Funds (e.g. Bond Fund, California Intermediate Tax-Free Bond Fund and etc.)
  • Money Market Funds (e.g. US Government Money Market Fund, Diversified Money Market Fund and etc.)
  • Equity Funds (e.g. Small Cap Growth Fund, Enhanced Growth Fund and etc.)

Huntington Funds

Huntington Funds' advisor is Huntington Asset Advisor Inc. which represents a subsidiary of the Huntington National Bank. Huntington Funds provide their clients with diversified portfolio categories automatic account features and unlimited and free check-writing.

The Huntington Family of Mutual Funds is divided into four sub-families each including a number of mutual funds to choose from.

  1. Equity Funds (e.g. Macro 100 Fund, New Economy Fund, Rotating Markets Fund and etc.)
  2. Income Funds (e.g. Mortgage Securities Fund, Intermediate Government Income Fund and etc.)
  3. Tax-Exempt Funds (e.g. Ohio Tax-Free Fund, Florida Tax-Free Money Fund and etc.)
  4. Money Market Funds (e.g. Money Market Fund, US Treasury Money Market Fund)


ICON offers its clients investment solutions that meet diverse investment goals since 1986. It has approximately $5.6 billion in assets under its management. The company puts its investors first and strives to work for their biggest benefit. ICON provides services to both individual investors and Institutional Investors.

Individual investors can choose from:

  • US Diversified Equity Funds
  • International Funds
  • Sector Funds
  • Fixed Income Funds

On the other hand, institutional investors are provided with tailored mutual funds to meet the goals of institutional investors as well as Institutional Domestic Core Equity Portfolio.

Jamestown Mutual Funds

Jamestown Mutual Funds presents its clients with many investment solutions and benefits the advisory services of Lowe, Brockenbrough & Company, Inc. The latter was founded in 1970 and since then has managed to accumulate around $1.1 billion in assets under its management. Jamestown Funds' stocks are being distributed by Ultimus Fund Distributors, LLC. Among the clients of Jamestown Funds are:

  • Individuals
  • Personal trusts
  • Pension and profit sharing plans
  • Endowment funds
  • Foundations
  • Corporate portfolios

Some of the mutual funds investors can choose from are:

  • The Jamestown Balanced Fund
  • The Jamestown Equity Fund
  • The Jamestown International Equity Fund
  • The Jamestown Tax Exempt Virginia Fund

Janus Mutual Funds

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Janus Funds has approximately $167.7 billion under its management. The funds offered by the company are distributed by Janus Distributors LLC. Additionally, the company has several offices worldwide as in Hong Kong, London, Milan and Tokyo.

Among the investment solutions offered by Janus Funds are:

  • Asset Allocation (e.g. Janus Smart Portfolio - Growth, Moderate, Conservative)
  • Equity Funds (e.g. Specialty Growth, Core, Risk Managed, Value, International and Global)
  • Bond Funds (e.g. Janus Federal Tax-Exempt Fund and etc.)
  • Money Market Funds (e.g. Janus Money Market Fund, Janus Government Money Market Fund, Janus Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund)

John Hancock Mutual Funds

John Hancock Mutual Funds presents its clients with many beneficial investment solutions. The company has managed to incorporate innovation in its financial dealings and be as competitive as possible with regards to the other companies in the field. John Hancock Mutual Funds is located in Boston and offers the following mutual funds to the interested investors:

  • Retirement planning
  • College planning
  • Equity
  • Sector
  • International income
  • Tax-free income
  • Money market
  • Asset allocation
  • Lifestyle
  • Lifecycle
  • Closed-end funds
  • Institutional shares
  • Separate accounts

Jundt Funds

In 1982 the Jundt Associates, Inc was established which with time enlarged its investment adviser services to include mutual funds. Thus, the Jundt Mutual Fund family was created to include:

  • Jundt Growth Fund
  • Jundt US Emerging Growth Fund
  • Jundt Opportunity Fund
  • Jundt Twenty-Five Fund

The basic investment technique behind the success of Jundt Funds is the investment in growth companies, whose ideas and technologies will potentially propel in the macroeconomics ups and downs. Some of the stocks which Jundt own are Oracle, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Cisco and many others.

Kinetics Mutual Funds

Established in 1996, the Kinetics Mutual Fun, Inc has managed to provide its clients with some of the most competitive investment solutions in the field. The official investment advisor of the company is the Kinetics Asset Management, Inc. In order to be considered for as a potential investment opportunity by the Kinetics Mutual Fund a company should meet the following criteria:

  • Exploitation of very large potential markets
  • Defensible barriers to entry
  • Strong business model and balance sheet
  • High potential returns on investment capital
  • Strong and innovative management team

Some of the mutual funds offered by the company are:

  • The Paradigm Fund
  • The Small Cap Opportunities Fund
  • The Market Opportunities Fund
  • The Internet Fund
  • The Internet Emerging Growth Fund
  • The Medical Fund
  • Kinetics Government Money Market Fund and etc.

Kobren Funds

Kobren Funds offers its clients many services. Some of them include Fidelity Insight Reports, which represents a monthly report including analysis, ratings and recommendations on Fidelity mutual funds. The report is provided by the Mutual Fund Investors Association.

Secondly, the FundsNet Insight Reports give information on analysis, ratings and recommendations on more than 200 top mutual funds from different fund families.

Kobren specific solutions include the Kobren Insight Management, which represents an E*Trade Wealth Management Company for investors with a minimum portfolio of $250,000.

Other mutual fund opportunities include the E*Trade Kobren Growth Fund and the E*Trade Delphi Value Fund.

Legg Mason Mutual Funds

Established in 1979, Legg Mason Funds is a mutual fund company that is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. The key investment technique of the company is the focus on the provision of a collection of qualified managers in all major asset classes. The distributor of the Legg Mason Funds is the Legg Mason, Inc, which represents a subsidiary of the company. Among the mutual fund offered are:

  • Equity Funds, such as Classic Valuation Fund, the Value Trust, the Special Investment Trust and etc.
  • Specialty Funds, such as the Balanced Trust, the Financial Services Fund and etc.
  • Global Funds, such as the Global Income Trust, the International Equity Trust and etc.
  • Taxable Bond Funds, such as the Core Bond Fund, the High Yield Portfolio and etc.
  • Tax-Free Bond Funds, such as the Maryland Tax-Free Income Trust, Tax-Free Intermediate-Term Income Trust and etc.

MainStay Funds

The MainStay Funds benefit the services of the New York Life Investment Management LLC, which has over $231 billion in assets under its management. MainStay Funds has received many awards through the years for its investment services some of which include the following:

  • DALBAR Financial Intermediary Pre-Sale and Post-Sale Service Awards
  • DALBAR Top 40 Mutual Fund Consumer Web Site
  • DALBAR Top 40 Web Site for Financial Professionals
  • 2004 WebAward for Standard of Excellence
  • APEX 2005 Award for Publication Excellence

MainStay Funds offer many mutual funds in addition to its retirement and 529 College solutions. Some of them are:

  • MainStay Balanced Fund
  • MainStay Convertible Fund
  • MainStay Global High Income Fund
  • MainStay Government Fund
  • MainStay Income Manager Fund
  • MainStay MAP Fund and many others.

Managers Investment Group

The Managers Investment Group represents a subsidiary of the AMG (Affiliated Managers Group), which has more than $222 billion in assets under management through its affiliated investment management firms. Despite this, the Managers Investment group is independently managed. The company is distributed by Managers Distributors, Inc, which is a member of the NASD. Almost all of the assets are managed by outside investment management firms.

The Managers Investment Group offers the following investment solutions:

  • Mutual funds
  • Separate accounts
  • Attribute portfolios
  • Sub-advisory services.

The company offers its services to pension funds, endowments and 401 (k) sponsors and private investors.

Marshall & Ilsley Corporation

Headquartered in Wisconsin, the Marshall & Ilsley Corporation (M&I) strives to provide its customers comprehensive financial services. It was established in 1847 and throughout the years has successfully managed to enrich its portfolio of services and products it offers to its clients. Currently, the Marshall Fund has more than $7 billion in assets under its management. Through its disciplined financial strategy it has achieved remarkable results on behalf of its clients. Some of the investment solutions offered include personal and small business financing, and commercial wealth management. It also provides the following services to its clients:

  • Checking
  • Money markets
  • Home equity
  • Mortgages and many others

Masters Select Funds

The advisory functions for the Masters' Select Funds are allocated for the Litman/Gregory Fund Advisors, LLC. The basic criteria which the company follows when it comes to selecting an investment include:

  • Above-average intermediate and long-term performance as compared to a corresponding peer group and benchmark.
  • Disciplined and well-defined investment process
  • The ability to act independently
  • Passionate stock picking
  • Concentration on stock-picking and portfolio management.

Among the mutual funds offered by the Masters' Select Funds are:

  • Masters' Select Equity
  • Masters' Select International
  • Masters' Select Value
  • Masters' Select Smaller Companies

MFS Investment Management Mutual Funds

MFS is an investment management company, which allows individual investors, MFS shareholders and retirement plan participants to invest in mutual funds retirement plans and 529 college savings plans. It offers them to keep track of the performance of the mentioned above investment opportunities.

Additionally, MFS provides the service of managing book of business, track performance and create compliance-approved hypothesises to investment professionals, financial advisors and analysts.

The company has not overlooked US retirement plan sponsors and third party administrators and gives them the opportunity to manage plan and participant accounts. Finally, US institutional investors can find more information on the MFS Institutional Trusts and separately managed strategies, which are provided with global perspectives and economic explanations.

Monetta Mutual Funds

Established in 1986, the Monetta Mutual Funds has strived toward the provision of a rich portfolio of investment opportunities to investors that are willing and able to participate in the dynamic field of mutual funds. The company has a rich history of successes and acts in the best interest of its clients. Its main strategy is the early identification and investment in growth companies. It strives to recognize changing investor sentiment and market trends. As for the fixed-income strategy, the investment in quality bonds is pursued for the purpose of seeking high current income and preserving capital.

Some of the mutual funds offered by Monetta Mutual Funds are:

  • The Monetta Fund
  • Young Investor Fund
  • Mid-Cap Equity Fund
  • Balanced Fund
  • Intermediate Bond Fund
  • Government Money Market Fund

The company also provides college savings plans.

Mutual Fund Investor Center

The Mutual Fund Investor's Center represents a rich database that includes mutual fund companies' information, website links tracking and monitoring tools, fund listings and many other services.

The website provides information on how to get started in the mutual fund field and asset allocation advices. Additionally, there is a section in which investors can find information about IRAs and retirement planning. The developers of the site have not missed the planning for college expenses for the investors' kids and the corresponding investment plans.

The Mutual Fund Investor's Center represents a good stopping place for mutual fund investors who need general information about this field.

North Track Funds

Established in 1984, North Track Funds is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The funds are offered through over 450 brokers and dealer firms all over the country. What makes the portfolios of North track Funds special is the inclusion of two index funds, three enhanced index funds, an asset allocation fund of funds, an actively managed mid-cap growth fund, a Wisconsin double tax-exempt bond fund and a money market fund.

Some of the products and services offered include:

  • Equity Index Funds
  • Strategic Allocation Fund
  • Geneva Growth Fund
  • WI Tax-Exempt Fund
  • IRAs
  • IRA Rollovers
  • SIMPLE Plans
  • SEP Plans
  • 403 (b) Plans

Northern Funds

Established in 1889, the Northern Trust has successfully managed the assets of affluent individuals and large corporations acting in their best interest. After the creation of the mutual funds, the Northern Trust grabbed the opportunity and offered its clients many investment solutions in the field by creating the Northern Funds. The fund provides 100% load free investing to its clients. Some of the mutual funds offered include:

  • Equity Funds (both domestic and international)
  • Fixed Income Funds (both taxable and non-taxable)
  • Money Market Funds

In addition to the offered mutual funds, the Northern Funds offer IRAs and other investment solutions.

Oakmark Funds

The key investment strategy that Oakmark Funds apply is the identification of companies that are believed to be currently traded at a substantial discount to what is considered the underlying business value. Additionally, the fund managers strive to hold a smaller number of stocks in the portfolio. The experienced investment professionals of Harris Associates L.P. mange separate accounts and the Oakmark Funds.

Some of the mutual funds that are offered by the Oakmark Funds are:

  • Oakmark Fund
  • Oakmark Select Fund
  • Oakmark Global Fund
  • Oakmark International Fund
  • Oakmark Equity and Income Fund and many others

Oppenheimer Funds

Established in 1959, the roots of the Oppenheimer Funds can be traced back to the 1950s when the Oppenheimer & Co was founded. Back then the company decided to create a separate subsidiary to offer its clients mutual funds. This is how the Oppenheimer Funds was created.

The family of funds offered by the company includes global, growth, core, value, hybrid, specialty and many other types of mutual funds. In addition to the richness of mutual funds, the company offers retirement plans, such as:

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • 401 (k)
  • 403 (b) and many others.

Oppenheimer Funds also offer their clients education savings plans, such as the 529 Plan and the Coverdell Educational Savings accounts.

Parnassus Mutual Funds

Established in 1984, the Parnassus Funds is headquartered in San Francisco. The initial $300,000 in assets under management has been turned into more than $1 billion in assets over the years. The key to the success of Parnassus Funds is the investment in undervalued companies which represent good businesses.

Some of the mutual funds offered are:

  • Parnassus Fund
  • Parnassus Workplace Fund
  • Parnassus Small Cap Fund
  • Parnassus Mid-Cap Fund
  • Parnassus Equity Income Fund
  • Parnassus Fixed-Income Fund
  • Parnassus California Tax-Exempt Fund

Pioneer Investments Mutual Funds

Founded in 1928 the Pioneer Funds provide its services from points from all over the world. The company provides its clients with such investment possibilities as mutual funds, separate accounts for pensions and endowments, different alternative investments and defined contribution retirement plans. Among the clients of Pioneer can be found large and small institutions, non-profit organizations and individual investors.

The company offers such mutual funds as:

  • Equity Funds
  • International Equity Funds
  • Fixed Income Funds
  • Asset Allocation Series

The closed-end funds include:

  • Pioneer Floating Rate Trust
  • Pioneer Interest Shares
  • Pioneer Advantaged Balanced Trust and others.

Pioneer also provides variable annuities through Pioneer AnnuiStarSM , which are directed toward those who want to save money for their retirement years.

Principal Financial Group

Established in 1879 the Principal Financial Group has managed to successfully serve its clients and provide them with the leading edge of financial services. The company has succeeded in providing its clients with retirement and investments solutions some of which include 401 (k), 403 (b), defined benefit plans, Employer Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) and many others. Additionally, Principal provides its clients wide variety of investment opportunities such as mutual funds, annuities, rollover IRAs and etc.

The Principal Financial Group also provides global asset management in the face of the Principal Global Investors, which has more than $158.9 billion under its management. Principal also provides insurance services such as disability, life, vision and dental insurances. Parts of its portfolio of offers are health and wellness programs, which assist employers in improving employee health and reduce claim activity.

Finally, Principal provides banking services, which are available to the company's clients 24/7 through Internet access to the client's account.

Prudential Financial

Founded in 1875, the Prudential Financial has managed to accumulate around $616 billion in assets under its management. Additionally, it has $2.1 trillion of life insurance in force around the world.

Prudential Financial provides services to both individuals and business and organizations.

Some of the products and services offered to individuals include:

  • Insurance (e.g. life insurance, long-term care and etc.)
  • Investments (e.g. mutual funds, managed money, retirement accounts)
  • Real estate

As for businesses and organizations, Prudential Financial offers them:

  • Benefits and services such as institutional retirement, group insurance and relocation services.
  • Institutional investments, wealth solutions, private placement and etc.
  • Commercial property, such as real estate investing, commercial mortgages and etc.

Putnam Investments Mutual Funds

The Putnam Investments was established in 1937 intended to balance the risk and profit of the financial programs offered. The company possesses more than $191 billion in assets under its management making it one of the largest investment managers in the area of the USA. Putnam Investments can take pride with the fact that some of its clients have stayed with the company for more than 40 years. Additionally, the company offers 77 mutual funds, which encompass a wide variety of asset classes and investment styles. Among the other investment solutions one can also find variable annuity, variable life product choices, 401 (k) plans and Taft-Hartley defined contribution plans.

RBC Asset Management

Providing a wide variety of investment services through mutual funds, pooled funds and separately managed portfolios, RBC Asset Management represents a wholly owned subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada. The company has managed to accumulate more than $66 billion in assets under its management. In addition to the banking and insurance services offered, RBC Asset Management offers many investment opportunities to individual investors, businesses and corporations.

Regions Financial Corporation

Regions Financial Corporation has managed to successfully manage over $140 billion in assets. Additionally, it is a member of the S&P 100 Index. Among the services offered to clients one can find:

  1. Personal Banking
    • Loans and Credit
    • Insurance and Investing
    • Everyday banking
    • Regions Mortgage
  2. Small Business
    • Loans
    • Lines of credit
    • Leasing
    • SBA Loans
    • Insurance services
    • Trust services
    • Retirement planning
  3. Corporate Banking
    • Everyday solutions (deposit services, treasury management, merchant services)
    • Financial services (commercial leasing, commercial lending, asset based lending)
    • Advisory services (capital markets, interstate billing service, commercial insurance, retirement services)

RiverSource Mutual Funds

Located in Minneapolis, RiverSource has managed to build a rich and competitive portfolio of offers that are available to its clients. The company offers development and management of asset growth as well as preservations and income solutions. It provides both individual and institutional investors with a wide variety of mutual funds to choose from, such as:

  • RiverSource Aggressive Growth Fund
  • RiverSource Balanced Fund
  • RiverSource Cash Management Fund
  • RiverSource Retirement Plus 2010 Fund
  • RiverSource Value Fund and many others.

In addition to the mutual fund offers clients can benefit from insurance services, such as life insurances, term insurances, total disability income insurances and etc. Finally, RiverSource provides both variable and fixed annuities.

Rockland Funds

Founded in 1996, the Rockland Funds provides its clients with many investment opportunities. It strives to invest in new technology for its investment team so that the best financial services are offered. The company has established the Small Cap Growth Fund, which is directed toward capital appreciation. The funds are being distributed by Quasar Distributors, LLC.

Roulston Funds

Roulston Funds represents a good source of information to investors who seek information on different investment solutions. On the website of the company one can find links to different sites that offer funds subdivided into various categories, for example loans, college FOREX and others. Information about real estate deals can also be found. Additionally, for those interested in investing in bonds and oil, Roulston Funds may represent a good source of financial information.

RS Investments Mutual Funds

RS Funds provides its clients with innovative investment solutions from which to choose from. RS Investments represent the official advisor of RS Funds. Some of the mutual funds offered by the company include:

  • Growth Funds (e.g. RS Diversified Growth Fund, RS Growth Fund, the Information Age Fund and etc.)
  • Core Equity Funds (e.g. RS Core Equity Fund, RS Asset Allocation Fund, RS S&P 500 Index Fund and etc.)
  • Value Funds (e.g. RS Value Fund, RS Partners Fund, RS Large Cap Values Fund and etc.)
  • International Funds (e.g. RS Emerging Markets Fund, RS International Growth Fund)
  • Fixed Income Funds (e.g. RS Cash Management Fund, RS Tax-Exempt Fund, RS High Yield Bond Fund and etc.)

Rydex Investments Mutual Funds

Founded in 1993 by Skip Viragh, Rydex Investments is headquartered in Rockville, MD. Currently, the company has over $14 billion in assets under its management. Rydex offers both mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). The family of mutual funds offered by the firm is subdivided into:

  • Long Funds, such as Dynamic Dow, Dynamic OTC, Japan Advantage, to name a few.
  • Inverse Funds, such as Inverse Mid-Cap, Inverse OTC, Inverse S&P 500 and others.
  • Sector Funds from such sectors as banking, biotechnology, electronics, energy and etc.

There are also alternative products, which are represented by such investment solutions as Dynamic Strengthening Dollar, Hedged Equity and many others.

Salomon Smith and Barney Citigroup Access

Through its devotion to the serving in the best interest of its clients, Smith Barney company has managed to build up a rich portfolio of investment solutions and provide a wide variety of financial services.

Some of the products offered include:

  • Equities and Options
  • Fixed Income
  • Mutual Funds
  • Managed Money
  • Annuities

As for the services offered bi Smith Barney Access one can benefit from:

  • Financial planning
  • FMA Account
  • Lending
  • Wealth Management and many others.

Selected Funds

Headquartered in Boston, Selected Funds has a long history in the mutual fund field through which it has proven its professionalism. The company offers its clients to invest in its Selected American Shares, which represents an equity fund. Another investment solution provided it the Selected Special Shares, which aims at investing in durable businesses purchased at value price and held over the long-term. Additionally, investors can choose the Selected Daily Government Fund, which is a money market fund that aims to provide current income, capital preservation, stability and liquidity.

Seligman Mutual Funds

Founded in 1864, the Seligman Investment Management provide many mutual fund and other investment opportunities to its clients, which are distributed by the Seligman Advisors, Inc. Clients can choose from different investment products such as retirement plans, institutional investment and managed money. Seligman's family of mutual funds includes such funds as:

  • Specialty (e.g. Seligman Global Technology Fund, Seligman Emerging Markets Fund and etc.)
  • Small Company (e.g. Seligman Frontier Fund, Seligman Smaller-Cap Value Fund and etc.)
  • Medium Company (e.g. Seligman Capital Fund)
  • Large Company (e.g. Seligman Growth Fund, Seligman Common Stock Fund and etc.)
  • Balanced (e.g. Seligman Income and Growth Fund)
  • Real Estate (e.g. Seligman LaSalle Monthly Dividend Real Estate Fund and etc.)
  • Income (e.g. Seligman High-Yield Fund, Seligman Core Fixed Income Fund and etc.)
  • Municipal Income (e.g. Seligman Michigan Municipal Fund, Seligman National Municipal Fund and etc.)
  • Money Market
  • Asset Allocation (e.g. Seligman Harvester Fund, Seligman Time Horizon 30 Fund and etc.)

Sierra Club Mutual Funds

The Sierra Club Mutual Funds presents its clients with a wide variety of mutual funds to choose from, which are distributed by ALPS Distributors, Inc. Investors are provided with such funds as the Sierra Club Stock Fund, which is directed toward the long-term. Additionally, the Sierra Club Equity Income Fund represents a good foundation for an overall investment portfolio since it balances out the volatility experienced over the long-term. A Money market fund is provided through the FedFund - Cash Reserve Shares, which is for those investors interested in short-term investment.

State Farm Mutual Funds

State Farm is a company that strives to provide its clients services in the insurance, mutual fund and banking fields. Clients can use the services of State Farm to make such insurances as auto, home, life, health and many others. As for the mutual funds, the State Farm Mutual Funds provides extremely rich investment options, such as:

  • Stock Funds
  • Combined Funds
  • Fixed Income Funds
  • Cash Equivalent Funds
  • LifePath Funds

The State Farm Bank offers account services, credit cards and loans to its clients.

Stratton Mutual Funds

Distributed by the PFPC Distributors, Inc. the Stratton Mutual Funds offers its clients 100% load free equity mutual funds to both individual and institutional investors. If you choose Stratton Mutual Funds you will be able to invest in:

  • Stratton Growth Fund, Inc. - long-term growth of capital
  • Stratton Monthly Dividend Reit Shares, Inc. - strives toward high rate of return from dividend and interest income
  • Stratton Small-Cap Value Fund - directed toward long-term capital appreciation.

Strong Funds

Distributed by the Wells Fargo Funds Distributor, LLC, the Strong Funds strive to offer investors diverse investment options. The family of Strong funds encompasses such mutual fund types as equity funds, allocation funds and income funds. The variety of options presented is further enriched by the possibility of planning your retirement finances through the Strong Funds. Additionally, the opportunity of investing for college through 529 plans and other options is provided to Strong Funds clients.

SunAmerica Mutual Funds

SunAmerica Mutual Funds has successfully managed to accumulate around $53.1 billion under its management. The company is part of the American International Group, Inc (AIG). SunAmerica offers its clients the possibility of opening non-retirement accounts and retirement accounts. Additionally, mutual funds are offered to the company's clients, which include such investment options as:

  • Focused Asset Allocation
  • Focused Portfolios
  • SunAmerica Funds
  • High Watermark Funds
  • Closed-End Funds

T. Rowe Price Mutual Funds

Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. was established on 1937. Approximately $308.1 billion in assets are under the management of the company. It offers its services and products to both individual investors and institutions. The latter are provided with separately managed investment portfolios, whereas the first are offered mutual funds and corporate retirement programs.

T. Rowe Price offers the following mutual funds:

  • Domestic Stock Funds
  • Domestic Bond Funds
  • International Funds
  • Blended Asset Funds

Additionally, the company offers retirement accounts as well as college savings and rollover IRAs. Among the services provided one can find:

  • Brokerage services
  • Advisory planning services
  • Banking services
  • Select client services
  • Private asset management

TCW Investment Management

Founded more than 30 years ago, TCW has more than $144.9 billion in assets under its management. The company offers closed-end funds, such as the TSI Fund and other mutual funds. Some of them are:

  • US Equities
  • US Fixed Income
  • International
  • LifePlan

TD Canada Trust Mutual Funds

TD Mutual Funds has managed successfully to present its clients with many investment options that serve their best interest. It offers fixed income and money markets in addition to its mutual funds. Additionally, wealth protection programs are provided. For those interested in planning for their retirement years, several retirement income options are available. Furthermore, TD Mutual Funds includes in its portfolio of offers group savings plans and investment lending services.

The Reserve Mutual Funds

The Reserve has successfully managed to be one of the innovators in the investment field. In 1970, the company created the first ever money market fund, which proved its benefits to the many investors. Some of the other implementations of the company are FDIC-insured deposit program, diverse money market fund to name a few.

The Reserve provides the following products and investment solutions:

  • Money Market Funds (e.g. Retail, Primary Fund, US Treasury Fund and etc.)
  • Enhanced Cash Funds (the Reserve Yield Plus Fund)
  • Mutual Funds
  • FDIC-Insured Products
  • Cash Sweep Services

Third Avenue Funds

Established in 1986, the Third Avenue Funds provides several investment options, which are distributed by M.J. Whitman LLC. The company has strived toward the achievement of well-performing mutual funds. Among the offers of Third Avenue Funds one can find such investment solutions as:

  • Third Avenue Value Fund
  • Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund
  • Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund
  • Third Avenue International Value Fund

Additionally, the company provides management of separate accounts and many alternative investment options.


TIAACREF strives to provide its clients with competitive investment solutions by ever enlarging its portfolio of offers. Clients can choose from such products as:

  • Retirement Plans
  • IRAs
  • Education Savings
  • Mutual Funds
  • After-Tax Annuities
  • Life Insurance

The mutual funds provided include such options as International Equity, US Equity, Fixed Income, Asset Allocation, Real Estate and Money Market. Clients of TIAA CREF can benefit from such additional services as meetings and counseling. Furthermore, brokerage services, trust services and beneficiary services are offered.

Transamerica IDEX Mutual Funds

Established in 1985, Transamerica IDEX Mutual Funds has managed to offer its clients variety of products and services. The company is located in St. Petersburg Florida and is distributed by AFSG Securities Corporation. Transamerica Capital, Inc. is the wholesaler of Transamerica IDEX Mutual Funds. The latter presents to its clients the following investment solutions:

  • Asset Allocation Funds
  • Multi-Manager Funds
  • U.S. Stock Funds
  • Global/International Stock Funds
  • Balanced Funds
  • Tactical and Specialty Funds
  • Bond and Money Market Funds
  • Inflation-Protected Securities Fund

US Global Investors

Founded in 1968, the US Global Investors was initially intended to manage a growth fund. Later the company enlarged its activities to include many other investment solutions. The latter are distributed by the A&B Mailers. The subsidiaries of the US Global Investors are United Shareholder Services, Inc. and the US Global Brokerage, Inc.

US Global Investors provides a family of no-load mutual funds. They are categorized as follows:

  • Domestic Equity Funds
  • International Equity Fund
  • Natural Resources and Specialty Funds
  • Tax-Free Bond Funds
  • Government Money Market Funds

Value Line Investment Mutual Funds

Being one of the largest independent research staffs of investment analysts and statisticians, the Value Line collects data and analyzes the performance of many stocks, mutual funds, options and other securities. Value Line provides its clients with electronic publications such as:

  • The Value Line Investment Analyzer
  • The Value Line Daily Options Survey
  • Exchange Traded Funds Survey and many others

In addition to the electronic publications, print ones are available. These include the Value Line 600, the Value Line Mutual Fund Survey, the Value Line Options survey and many others. Furthermore, several institutional services, such as Value Line Estimates and Projections File and the Value Line DataFile to name a few, are available to interested parties.

Van Wagoner Funds

Founded in 1995, Van Wagoner Funds is headquartered in San Francisco. It aims to provide its clients with innovative and profitable investment solutions. These are distributed by PFPC Distributors, Inc. Van Wagoner Funds focuses on the investment in growth stocks. The target companies are those which develop new products, services or markets. The mutual funds that Van Wagoner provides include:

  • Van Wagoner Small-Cap Growth Fund
  • Van Wagoner Growth Opportunities
  • Van Wagoner Emerging Growth Fund, which invest primarily in common stocks of small-cap and mid-cap companies

Vanguard Mutual Funds

Vanguard Mutual Funds are one of the most popular in the mutual fund field. It is highly likely that you will encounter them from time to time while browsing through the mutual fund sources. After a quick check in any dictionary you have available, you will see that "vanguard" represents the troops of an army that are situated in the front lines during a battle.

The Vanguard Group History

The Vanguard Group roots can be traced back to the distant 1975. After its insecure start, Vanguard has managed to establish itself as one of the most well known names in the mutual fund business. Investors prefer the opportunities of Vanguard due to its many advantages, and as a result the fund has accumulated more than $800 billion with which it successfully operates.

Vanguard Fund Family

The portfolio of mutual funds that the Vanguard Group offers exceeds the number of 100. Among them the Vanguard 500 Index Fund represents the biggest mutual fund that the company offers. Its main competitor for the first place as the largest fund in the world is Fidelity Magellan Fund.

The Vanguard Group is famous for its outreaching educational resources available to the users of their website. There is a special section allocated for such purposes named "Education, Planning and Advice". Extensive information in the form of articles, news and quizzes can be found there. The Vanguard family is also well known for the expertise, which is offered regarding indexing. As pioneers in the index fund field (1974), the company has accumulated abundant experience, which is readily offered to Vanguard's clients.

The Low Expenses of Vanguard

As the operating cost of Vanguard represent one-fourth of that of the average mutual fund, the first has won its image of charging low fees. Additionally, if you are one of the investors who truly appreciate his/her money, you will probably highly value Vanguard's load free mutual funds.

Vanguard Awards

Being for quite a long time in the mutual fund business, Vanguard has excelled and has been greatly awarded for his contribution to the development of the mutual fund field.

Some of their awards include the following:

  • "Best of the Web" in 2000, awarded by Forbes for being the "Best of the Best" among the present mutual fund websites.
  • "Best Service" awarded by the Mutual Fund Magazine. Additionally, they proclaimed the Vanguard mutual family as their favorite one among the present.
  • "Best Buy" of Forbes. Many of the Vanguard family mutual funds have been presented in the high rankings of this chart. For instance, 28 of the 66 portfolios were presented on the chart on February 2000, whereas 45 of the 186 were presented in 1999.
  • "Best Fund Family" and "Best Discount Broker" awarded by Worth, which was a result of a survey among 4,000 readers. The award was given for Vanguard's high performance and high quality services.
  • In 2000, Vanguard was identified as both one of the "100 Best Places to Work" by Fortune and one of the "100 Best Places to Work in IT" by Computerworld.
  • "Best Fund Family" awarded by the readers of SmartMoney on November 2000.

Victory Funds

Member of the Key Financial Network, Victory Funds is an investment advisory firm that provides its services to both institutions and individual investors. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the company has approximately $60.9 billion in assets under its management. Victory Funds offers mutual funds in the following asset classes:

  • Equity Funds
  • Hybrid Funds
  • Fixed Income Funds
  • Money Market Funds

In addition to these, investors can benefit from the Victory Institutional Funds and individual retirement accounts. Finally, the company has included in its portfolio of offers the Victory Variable Insurance Fund.

Vintage Mutual Funds

Vintage Mutual Funds is a company that strives to work on behalf of its investors by providing them with investment solutions that create value and profits. The company offers mutual funds, which can be placed into two categories:

  • Money Market Funds, such as Liquid Assts Fund T Shares, Municipal Assets Fund I Shares and etc.
  • Bond Funds, such as Vintage Limited Term Bond Fund, Vintage Municipal Bond Fund and etc.

In addition to the mutual funds, Vintage Mutual Funds provides education and planning solutions as well as retirement investing for those who are interested in allocating money for their retirement.

The investment options provided by Vintage Mutual Funds are officially distributed by BISYS Fund Services Limited Partnership.

Warburg Pincus

Warburg Pincus has successfully managed to expand its activities in several countries. By its offices it covers continents like North America, Europe and Asia. Warburg Pincus has created a network of offices that provide integrated services to its clients. Among the investment solutions offered by the company are:

  • Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Real Estate Funds

Wells Fargo Financial Bank

Being a diversified financial services company, Wells Fargo provides its clients with banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and consumer finance. It has more than $482 billion in assets under its management. Additionally, Wells Fargo is one of the top 40 largest private investors.

Wells Fargo has directed its services toward individuals, small businesses and commercials. Among the services offered one can find:

  • Banking (e.g. bill pay, checking, credit cards and etc.)
  • Loans (e.g. Home Equity Loans, Student Loans, Personal Loans, and etc.)
  • Investing and Insurance (e.g. retirement planning, brokerage, mutual funds and etc.)

Westcore Funds

Westcore Funds provides its expertise in the mutual fund field to its investors by string to provide advantageous investment opportunities. The Funds are managed by institutional adviser Denver Investment Advisors, LLC. The company has managed to accumulate around $7.9 billion in assets under its management.

The family of mutual funds of Westcore Funds includes such options as:

  • Equity Growth Funds
  • International Equity Funds
  • Equity Value Funds
  • Bond Funds
  • Money Market Funds

In addition to the offered mutual funds, the company provides retirement services and traditional and Roth IRAs.

William Blair Funds

William Blair Funds provides its clients with wide variety of services and products, which include investment banking, equity research, institutional and private brokerage, asset management since its establishment in 1935. The company has approximately $13 billion in assets under its management. William Blair Funds offers the following family of mutual funds:

  • Domestic Equity Funds (e.g. Growth Fund, Value Discovery Fund and etc.)
  • International Equity Funds (e.g. International Growth Fund, Emerging Markets Growth Fund and etc.)
  • Fixed Income Funds (e.g. Income Fund)
  • Money Market Funds (e.g. Money Market)