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Top 10 Stock Market Crashes

We have compiled a list of the most financially painful market crashes in the US history. This means that the market has been down over 37% from its highest to its lowest. Additionally, the market crashes we have included are characterized by long periods of duration.

Hennessy Funds

The Hennessy Funds include no-load mutual funds that meet different levels of risk tolerance and financial objectives.

War Time Stock Market Conditions

Most financial advisors’ opinions on whether investing during war times is a good idea differ. This article provides explanations of the various investment conditions during several wars known from the history.

Stock Market Crashes History

The history of the stock market is full of examples of market crashes that had substantial negative consequences on the assets of many investors.

Market Crashes - the Black Thursday of 1929

The 1920s were market by the intense discussion of the conditions of the stock market. No matter what topic a group of people attempted to converse at the end it was all about the performance of the stock market

The Great Depression of 1929

The great depression of 1929 - the US stock market’s history is full of examples of catastrophic crashes that have led to the loss of large sums of money by many investors. Many of these market crashes has occurred in 1929.

The Stock Market Crash of 1929

The stock market crash of 1929, known in the financial world as the Black Monday, the October 28th, 1929 was one of the most terrible days in the US stock market.

NYSE New CEO: John Reed

John Reed was appointed as the new chief executive and interim chairman of NYSE. He has been the chairman of the Citigroup Inc. before he moved to NYSE.

www Financial Times Com Website Scandal

www Financial Times com has recently been involved in a scandal connected with search engine optimization. It was difficult to believe, but Financial Times has broken the corresponding ethical coding and has included hidden links selling as part of its services on their website.

Richard Strong Mutual Fund Scandal

Another CEO that has been recently caught to market time his mutual funds is Richard Strong. He is the founder of Strong Financial Corporation and Strong Funds and has applied market timing in order to enjoy personal gain from his own mutual funds.

Shady Wealth of Richard Grasso - NYSE Chairman

One of the most famous scandals in the mutual fund field is associated with the name of the NYSE Chairman Dick Grasso. When the work came out that he has received $139.5 million when he retired, people were just stunned.

Mutual Fund Scandals Impacts and Implications

There have been an increasing number of mutual fund abuses, which has led to the several well-known mutual fund scandals. Many fund companies seem to have forgotten why exactly they are in business.

History of Mutual Funds

Mutual funds enjoy a wide popularity among both employers, who include them in their employees’ 401 k plans, IRAs and Roth IRAs. The funds have deserved their popularity thanks to their easy manipulation and high liquidity.