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Stock Market Crashes of 1930, 1937, 1906, 1929, 1919, 1901, 1973, 1939, 1916, 2000

We have compiled a list of the most financially painful market crashes in the US history. This means that the market has been down over 37% from its highest to its lowest. Additionally, the market crashes we have included are characterized by long periods of duration.

Stock Market Crash #1

Beginning: April 17, 1930

End: July 8, 1932

Total Loss: -86.0%

The worst stock market crash ever experienced during which investors lost 86% of their money for as little as 813 days. To illustrate the significance of this market crash, imagine you had $10,000 during that time. As a result of the crash your account will end up with the miserable $1400! As a result you would have waited 22 years until you recover your losses! This crash, together with the 1929 crash led to the Great Depression.

Stock Market Crash #2

Beginning: March 10, 1937

End: March 31, 1938

Total Loss: -49.1%

Still feeling some of the bad consequences of the Great Depression, this stock market crash was triggered by the high possibility of war. Another factor that further contributed to the crash of the market was the raging Wall Street scandals.

Stock Market Crash #3

Beginning: January 19, 1906

End: November 15, 1907

Total Loss: -48.5%

Known as the "Panic of 1907", the US government tried to offset the losses from this stock market crash by withdrawing $36 million from the market. Even though, this sum has been sufficiently large for its time, consider how much greater if it is turned into today's dollars!

Stock Market Crash #4

Beginning: September 3, 1929

End: November 13, 1929

Total Loss: -47.9%

This stock market crash is considered as the trigger of the Great Depression which followed. For as short a period as two months, approximately half of the value of people's investments vanished.

Stock Market Crash #5

Beginning: November 3, 1919

End: August 24, 1921

Total Loss: -46.6%

This stock market crash was followed by a remarkable recovery and eventual boom of the stock market and the economy itself. The period after the market crash is often referred to as the roaring twenties. 

Stock Market Crash #6

Beginning: June 17, 1901

End: November 9, 1903

Total Loss:  -46.1%

The oldest stock market crash for which information can be provided, it was experienced during the greyest times of the American history. Back then, the average wage was 22 cents per hour and most people lived in great misery lacking such comforts as bathtubs and civilized medicine service.

Stock Market Crash #7

Beginning: January 11, 1973

End: December 6, 1974

Total Loss: -45.1%

This stock market crash has been experienced during the Vietnam War and the controversial Watergate scandal. It is still remembered by many people due to the sustainable losses they have endured.

Stock Market Crash #8

Beginning: September 12, 1939

End: April 28, 1942

Total Loss: -40.4

The stock market crash was caused by many factors among which were the WWII and the bombarding of Pearl Harbor. The market had hard time recovering the sustained losses, amounting to nearly 3 years of trials.

Stock Market Crash #9

Beginning: November 21, 1916

End: December 19, 1917

Total Loss: -40.1%

As it can be seen, the investors during the WWI sustained great losses. To illustrate the impact of the stock market crash, consider you owned $10 000 during that time. As a result of the crash, they turn to the miserable $6,000! In order to cover your losses, the market should have gone up with 66.6%!

Stock Market Crash #10

Beginning: January 1, 2000

End: October 9, 2002

Total Loss: -37.8%

The crash of the stock market was a result of a combination of factors. One of them has been the terrorist attacks from September 11th. The other factor that contributed to the further deteriorating of the market has been the technology burst that was experienced during this period. It took the longest time for the market to recover, but the losses were minor as compared to the other market crashes.

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