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Ultra-Short Bond Funds vs. Money Market Funds

Some investors don’t quite realize the difference between the ultra-short bond funds and money market funds but there are some material differences between them.

Stock Investing for College

The financing in your children’s education should no be viewed as another expense to cover, but instead as an investment in their future financial well being.

Coverdell Education Savings Account Basics

In order to accumulate enough money for the education needs of your children and at the same time enjoy tax-free attitude, you may consider the opening of a Coverdell Education Savings Account (CESA), commonly referred to as Education IRA.

Mutual Fund Prospectus Basics

By law, every mutual fund is required to provide its investors and prospects with a prospectus. The latter includes the most important and fundamental information about the particular mutual fund.

Mutual Fund Newspaper Listings Symbols

Don’t become too confused by the fund listings. They are not that puzzling, but instead they are easily understandable and can be extremely useful since they provide a great deal of information in a very compact form.

The Redesign of MarketWatch

Recently, the developers of the website of MarketWatch have made major changes in the looks and feels.

The Price of 2004 Olympics

The preparation and the hosting of the Olympics itself can represent a heavy burden to the country which has taken the responsibility of organizing them.

Chain Weighted CPI vs. Fixed Consumer Price Index

Several financial experts have recommended the replacement of the fixed CPI with the Chain-Weighted CPI. This has been suggested as a way for the government to save money.

Yahoo Finance Stock Quotes Improvements

Realizing the need of improvement on the Yahoo Finance, its developers have made some major changes regarding its looks and services provided.

Freakonomics by Steven Levitt - Book Review

The author of Freakonomics, Steven Levitt, presents the topic of Economics in an interesting and capturing way.

Full Service Stock Brokers

The type of services which your broker may offer you may now range from insurance services, banking services, mortgage services and even accounting services.

The Merger Trend in Discount Broker Industry

A general trend of mergers has been observed in the discount broker industry, which has affected the position of many brokers.

The Need of Stock Market Broker

The type of investment that almost always requires the assistance of a broker is the one that includes the purchase of stocks.

Google Mutual Fund Status

No matter how amazing it may seem to most of you, in 2006 Google was a step far away from becoming a mutual fund.

Securities Exchange Commission - SEC

The stock market crash of the 1929 triggered the need for the creation of an institution to protect the investors for the potential negative consequences and future reoccurrences. The Securities Exchange Commission - SEC was the institution that was established.

The Mutual Fund Store

The Mutual Fund Store represents an investment advisory and asset management company that is fee based and specializes in mutual fund investing.

Mutual Fund Chart Omissions

Unfortunately, charting is not deprived of imperfections and even the most powerful chart websites have their mistakes in charting in terms of corrupted data.

Brokerage Firm Evaluation

Once you have decided to open an account at a discount brokerage firm, we want you to consider the following measures to see whether you have made the right choice.

Top Online Trading Websites

Due to the many financial implications, the online trade has gained wide popularity and it is here to stay for the years to come. Many of the websites don’t manage to survive the fierce competition for customers.

Traditional Brokers vs. Discount Brokers

Other investment opportunities should be considered such as the opening of a traditional brokerage account or discount brokerage account, which will further increase your profits.

International Mutual Funds for Your Investment Portfolio

In order to provide for a higher level of diversification and to insure against heavy shocks in the US markets many investors enrich their portfolios by purchasing stocks of international mutual funds.

How to Calculate Your Net Worth

In order to determine your current financial position it is good to prepare a Net Worth estimation at least once e year. For the calculation of your Net Worth all you need are the liabilities you have and the corresponding assets you have accumulated.

Morningstar Mutual Fund Style Box

Generally, the major purpose of a style box is to assist investors in the construction of their mutual fund investment strategies. It was first created by Morningstar, which represents one of the richest data sources for mutual fund information and opportunities.

Stock Broker or Investment Advisor Selection

When considering the investment in a mutual fund, you should carefully analyze the potential alternatives you have among the investment advisors, brokers and brokerage firms.

Selecting a Mutual Fund Newsletter

Mutual fund newsletters have been the source of information for many mutual fund investors, who rely on their own knowledge and capabilities.

Stock Mutual Fund Types

Stock mutual funds are also referred as equity funds and enjoy wide popularity among young investors. There are many types of stock funds, so their classification can be done according to different characteristics.