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The Mutual Fund Store

The Mutual Fund Store represents an investment advisory and asset management services company that is fee based and specializes in mutual fund investing. Their investment philosophy, as they state, consists of:

  • tracking managers, rather than funds
  • seeking consistent returns, rather than one-time high performing
  • exposure to more asset classes, rather than attempting to outguess the cycles of one particular asset class

The Mutual Fund Store has its own radio show, "The Mutual Fund Show," which in itself is an interesting marketing approach to promote the services of the company and generate leads. The online versions of the Saturday broadcasts are edited down to about one hour and posted on their website.

The Mutual Fund Store receives mixed reviews about its services. Some customers are pleased with the simplicity and the straightforward choices of the services offered (the stores do not sell any products other than mutual funds), claiming that they are great for inexperienced investors.

Others criticize the Mutual Fund Store for the limitations of funds they are allowed to purchase. There has been also criticism of the company's opposition to index fund investing. Critics claim that the arguments against index fund investing provided in the show lack substance and are either not supported by numbers or the numbers are bended their way.

Conclusion about the Mutual Fund Store

Mutual Fund Store seems to be an acceptable choice for inexperienced, beginner investors, who would enjoy the simplicity of investing provided by the store. However, the limitation of choices and fund selection confines the store's investing potentialities within certain limits which would probably not suit sophisticated investors.

In order to make educated decisions study the available alternatives through the many information sources and keep reading our website. In this way you will be able to acquire more information on the basics and innovations of the mutual fund field.

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