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Freakonomics by Steven Levitt - Book Review

The author of Freakonomics, Steven Levitt, presents the topic of Economics in an interesting and capturing way. He accomplishes this by talking about such things as the relationship between your name and potential of success, the reasons for the decrease in the crime rates during the 90s and what qualities are needed to become a good parent. Freakonomics successfully manages to incorporate economic tools in the discussion of the various topics of interest to the author. Additionally, Levitt analyzes the stories that have been presented in the press and other information sources and the reasons underlying these events.

Freakonomics Description

Some of the topics that are being discussed in the book include the reasons why crack dealers live together with their mothers. Additionally, the author provides some persuasive arguments for the break down of the Ku Klux Klan. Levitt provides his insight on the reasons for the significant decline of the crime rate during the 90s and concentrates on one event, which defies the popular belief of the general public.

Freakonomics discusses some of the most and least successful people. Additionally, the author provides information on the test in which many teachers were caught cheating and the reasons for this occurrence. Another topic that Freakonomics incorporates concerns the appropriate qualities needed to become a good parent.

Other topics included in Freakonomics are discussions on which method of transportation, flying or driving in particular, provides greater safety and on behalf of whose interest real estate agents act.

Freakonomics Advantages

The book is written in an easily understandable way, which makes the understanding of the basic topics more straightforward. The author discusses both important and not so important topics by supporting his arguments with well-presented data and statistics. In this way, Levitt turns economics into fun and provides insight in its practicability.

Freakonomics Disadvantages

A more deep understanding of the provided in the book data and researches may enhance the amusement. Additionally, it is not suitable for political or religious fanatics, since some conclusions and data may be regarded as controversial by them.

Finally, Freakonomics manages to successfully implement economic tools to the explanation of topics that affect in one way or another our daily lives. It manages to eliminate out of the picture such concepts as foreign trade and interest rates so that to increase the practicability of the book. Freakonomics is very suitable for people who are fond of data and want to find a more out of the box view on both important and trivial topics.

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