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Mutual Fund Chart Omissions

With the increased use of the Internet, every website strives to offer more and more tools to its users in order to attract and retain them. Whatever additional services are offered, you will not find a website without charts. Unfortunately, charting is not deprived of imperfections and even the most powerful charting websites have their mistakes in charting in terms of corrupted data.

Online Chart Tools Omissions

Unfortunately, most free chart providers omit an important component that has an influence on the results displayed on every chart, namely mutual fund distributions. If you were not aware of this lapse, now that we have informed you it will constantly stuck in your eyes. Mutual fund distribution payment is required by law and after the execution of the distributions, the NAV falls by the amount of the realized distribution. As a result a change on the chart's curve should be observed. This decline on the curve is most often interpreted as a loss of money, but it should not be. It is an effect of the distributions.

In case you decide to reinvest your distributions, you will acquire more shares and you will keep the level of the value of your investment.

In order to avoid such omissions, the charting company should adjust its chart every time distributions are made. As you can see this will represent a great burden for the charting company caused by the thousands of mutual funds on the market. But the effort is worth since it will present more accurate information.

The grave statistics shows that most of the charting sites have made this error of not taking under consideration mutual fund distributions. This is quite disturbing, having in mind that many investors rely on these charts for their investment decisions.

Charts represent a good measure of mutual fund activity, but you should be always very cautious about such errors as lack of mutual fund distribution adjustments, since these can effect your decision. The distribution made by the funds may be noticed by the decreased NAV (Net Asset Value), but in case the distribution amounts have been of small values, it will be difficult to determine the time period that the distributions have been made.

Finally, we would like to refer to all charting companies to make the necessary mutual fund distributions to their charts, so that they can ensure themselves that the users will continue to return to their charts, due to the latter's accuracy and lack of errors.

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