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Selecting a Mutual Fund Newsletter

Mutual fund newsletters have been the source of information for many mutual fund investors, who rely on their own knowledge and capabilities. They refer to them whenever they want to receive upgraded information on the current situation of the market or if they search for new investment opportunities. But in the myriads of mutual fund newsletters, how can we choose the most reliable and trustworthy?

What complicates your choice further is the 1st amendment rights, which many have applied in order to hide their real returns.

Hulbert Financial Digest represents one of the solutions to your problem of finding a reliable mutual fund newsletter. It provides its users with a list of over 160 newsletters that are rated accordingly.

How does Hulbert Financial Digest Function? Each day they track each portfolio, after anonymously signing for the newsletters. In order to rate the performance of the newsletters, Hulbert Financial Digest makes in-depth analysis of the newsletters. The result is the supply of risk-adjusted returns, which in turn is used by the investors to classify the performance of the newsletters.

This service is of course not for free. But it is better to pay the price now instead of ending up with a wrong newsletter that may potentially cost you money in terms of inappropriate investment choices. However, Hulbert Financial Digest provides several fee free services, such as:

  1. Time in circulation verification

    You can check for free the time period during which a mutual fund newsletter has been in circulation. It is advisable to sign up for those that have been on the market for a long time, since they will surely have more experience and accumulated information.

  2. Newsletter circulation amount

    Try not to sign up for newsletters with very small circulations, since this may mean that they don't enjoy popularity due to unsatisfactory information. Additionally, large number circulations may be interpreted as a marketing strategy for attracting more users. So pick a newsletter with a circulation numbers in between.

  3. Verification of the status of the newsletter publisher.

    Another free service is the verification of the registration of the publisher as an investment advisor. This status is cannot be falsified due to the close scrutiny of the SEC.

Another free advice that Hulbert Financial Digest gives is to listen to your inner voice when it tells you that it is too good to be true, because it is usually the case. And never forget to carefully research the mutual fund newsletter before getting into it, if you don't want to end up getting information that has no whatsoever connection to the subject matter.

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