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The Redesign of MarketWatch

Recently, the developers of the website of MarketWatch have made major changes in the looks and feels. They have not implemented any new features to the site for 5 years and it is worth noting that the changes have greatly enhanced the services offered by MarketWatch. This article provides an indebt analysis of the new implementations and outlines the major advantages and disadvantages of the new website.

MarketWatch New Image

The developers have successfully implemented Web 2.0, by including tagging, video, gradient buttons, AJAX, mobile, blogs and RSS. However, this may be viewed as overdone on the part of developers since most of their audience is not up to such high technologies.

The possibility of watching video has been included as well as listening to audio under selected news and commentary. In addition to this multimedia implementation, a search capability has been included on each of the pages of MarketWatch, from where the user can quickly find articles and investments.

MarketWatch New Design Advantages

One of the good implementations is the possibility of viewing instant charts through a mouse over. Additionally, the service of comparing fees and returns is included through the fund comparison tool.

Articles that enjoy high popularity have been highlighted for a quicker finding on the part of users. The developers of MarketWatch have also included the possibility of adding any article to "my stories" section. This is possible through the included "+" signs.

The developers have removed the previously required registration for tools and content use. Since MarketWatch represents one of the sources for financial news, all these implementations make it even more attractive for users to browse for the information they need.

Another pro of the new design of MarketWatch is the fact that advertisements have been moved to the right column which has made the search through and the reading of the site's content a lot easier. Additionally, the homepage roadblock ad has been eliminated, which further enhances the capabilities of MarketWatch.

MarketWatch New Design Disadvantages

The developers of MarketWatch have made some mistakes in the new design such as the lack of labeling of advertisements. Additionally, through the new implementation the speed of menu drop-downs has been quite slowed. As a whole the menu drop-downs are not very useful to the users. Another con of the new design is the appearance of menus behind ads.

In order to get a better idea and feel of the many implementations introduced by MarketWatch, go directly to their site and see for yourself.

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