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Yahoo Finance Stock Quotes Improvements

Realizing the need of improvement on the Yahoo Finance, its developers have made some major changes regarding its looks and services provided. We can assuredly say that the new implementations have been for the better and congratulate the developers on their efforts.

One of the changes that greatly improved Yahoo Finance is that you don't have to click on the quote to see detailed information. Instead the details are provided right next to the quote.

Good Yahoo Finance Changes

One of the implementations that greatly improved the level of service provided by Yahoo Finance is the inclusion of useful links on the left part of the page. Additionally, more data are placed at the top of the page. The developers have included new icons that provide alerts, portfolio tracker and additional data. Headlines about stocks have been moved to a higher position on the page. Another improvement on Yahoo Finance is the inclusion of important statistics in the quote page.

Bad Yahoo Finance Changes

On the other hand, the developers have made some mistakes in the design of the new page. For example, the headlines about stocks are put in a column that is too small for the provided links, which makes the looks somehow unwelcoming. Additionally, more advertisements have been included on the top of the page, which somehow disturb the attention of the user from the information that is of interest.

Final Piece of Advice: The use of the "Profile" page is highly recommended in case you are searching for mutual fund quotes. We recommend it since it includes the morning stylebox. The latter represents important information on how best you can diversify among the different types of mutual funds. It also includes information on the specific fees that are charged by a fund.

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