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How to Pick a Mutual Fund

Many investors try to pick mutual funds based solely on the funds’ past performance. However when you pick a mutual fund you should also consider other factors.

Ultra-Short Bond Mutual Funds Basics

Ultra-short bond funds, like other bond mutual fund generally choose fixed income securities that have extremely short maturities.

Investor Groups and Suggested Investment Asset Allocation Portfolio Model

In order to select the right portfolio of investments you should clearly identify your financial goals, income situation and tax bracket as well as where you want to be in financial terms.

Deversification and Asset Classes Cycles

When constructing your investment portfolio make sure that you include assets from different classes. In this way you will be able to enjoy the positive effects of diversification.

529 College Savings Plan

529 College Savings Plans provide many benefits to their users. However, still there is a general confusion about the exact nature and purposes of these plans. Some of the misconceptions regarding 529 College Savings Plans include:

College Financial Planning

After students graduate college the time comes to take their finances in their hands. Even though college years provide a good experience that teaches them how to deal with their finances, things become a little bit more complicated after graduation.

Mutual Fund Risk and its Reward

Basic knowledge on the fundamentals of mutual funds is required before you embark on the investment in mutual funds. The establishment of a financially successful investment portfolio requires the making of educated decisions in order to be aware of the effects of different factors on its performance.

Redemption of Shares

One of the major characteristics of mutual funds is their high liquidity. This means that whenever you feel the need of selling your shares of the mutual fund you hold, you can easily do it. This redemption will be executed on the day the fund is open.

Automatic Investment Plan

Automatic investing, also known as dollar-cost averaging, represents a mutual fund installment-purchase plan. It is an easy and efficient method of increasing your investment over the time through the use of mutual funds.

Advices for Becoming a Successful Investor

The goal of this article is to provide you with several advices, which can greatly increase your chances of success as an investor.

Small Money Amounts Investment Advices

If you currently don’t have large amounts of money to invest, don’t lose hope. As little as 20 bucks are enough to get started in the investments world.

Building a Successful Investment Portfolio

The first step toward the achievement of the dreamed lifestyle is the building of an investment portfolio.

Financing Your Child's Education

If you are one of those parents who want to provide for the full financing of your children, we have a bad news for you.

Dollar Cost Averaging Basics

The reduction of risk through the systematic and periodic purchase of securities is often referred to as dollar cost averaging. The purchase of these securities is done in certain amounts.

What is a Reverse Mortgage

If you want to turn the equity in your home to cash, a reverse mortgage is the option you should choose. This type of a loan is main available to seniors.

No Load Mutual Fund Preference

First of all you should remember that there are mutual funds that charge a load. You should concentrate your resources to no load mutual funds.

Asset Allocation Models

The different models of asset allocation take under consideration the following issues: growth, income, balance, preservation of capital. The following are the most common models of asset allocation.

Investment Asset Allocation

Asset allocation represents the diversification of resources among different types of investments. An investor can disperse his money among such investment classes as:

Mutual Fund Portfolio Diversification

There are many examples from the mutual fund history that tell for the market timing of big traders that resulted in the damage of small investors’ portfolios. In order to reduce the eventual negative effects of such internal and localized problems, diversify your money among as many mutual funds as possible.

Value Investors vs. Growth Investors

Investment philosophies can be either concentrating on value investing or on growth investing. You should clarify in which category you fall in order to select the most appropriate mutual funds that meet your investment approach.

Choose the Best Mutual Fund Managers

Having in mind that our information search is greatly facilitated by the rich availability of information from numerous resources, finding details on the performance of a mutual fund manger will not be a hard task.

The Successful Investor: John Neff

The successful investor: John Neff represents a name of a complete stranger to most of the Americans who are far away from the investment and financial world. Nevertheless, he is one of the financial luminaries whose name is associated with expertise and success

How to Become a Millionaire through Investing

How to become a millionaire through investing - for instance, if you are currently earning $50,000 per year and you are in your early thirties, by a 10% return investment and a 10% allocation of your income, you will surely become a millionaire in your early sixties.

Federal Reserve Bank Interest Rates

The institution responsible for inflation and employment management is the Federal Reserve. It has the obligation of keeping inflation rates low, while maintaining full employment, which is 4 to 5% of unemployment.

Successfully Time the Market - The Right Time to Market

What you need to actually beat the market and time it correctly is extreme emotional discipline. In order to find out whether you have what it takes to time the market successfully, try to answer the following questions:

Combating Compulsive Spending

Unfortunately, many of us frequently indulge in compulsive spending and thus accumulate large debts. Their inability to pay back the debt results in hounding by the creditors, which is not a pleasant thing to experience.

Investing Tips and Advices

The following are several investing tips and advices you should keep in mind if you want to avoid the common mistake of repeating your previous misfortunes.

Bull and Bear Markets

Under the conditions of regular investment and enough time till retirement, bear markets may provide you with opportunities that bull markets would not be able to experience.

Bear Market Mutual Funds

This article recommends some techniques, which are useful in cases when we have beat market. From time to time it is possible for the market to experience decline, so the investors look for other investments to compensate for the potential losses.

Investment Fraud Advices

According to the Better Business Bureaus, investment fraud trend has been facilitated by the easiness with which fraudulent operations can be executed. Therefore, before engaging in whatsoever investment activities, first carefully investigate the alternatives and then put in your money.

Before End-of-the-Year Investment Advice

This investment advice article outlines the main investment matters you should take care of. It deals with such issues as fund distributions, 401(k) obstacles, capital gains to be offset by losses, the paperwork and etc.

Mutual Fund Style Definition

Some of the fund styles are: small growth, mid cap value, large blend, emerging markets, international growth and short term corporate bonds.

Compounding Interest Power

In order to better grab the real essence and power of compounding interest rates, we have created an imaginary situation. It will help you to understand the advantages and impacts of this type of interest on your money

Buy and Hold Portfolio Strategies

According to Paul Merriman, founder and director of Merriman Capital Management, the use of a no-load asset-class index funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) represents the best way of establishing a productive buy and hold portfolio.

Bond Investing

Bonds represent a safe investment, whose value may not increase as that of stocks, but this is compensated by the sufficiently lower degree of risk. Thus, if you want to set a safe-investment portfolio, you should put up with their boring nature and invest in them.