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Advices for Becoming a Successful Investor

The goal of this article is to provide you with several advices, which can greatly increase your chances of success as an investor.

Investing Advice 1: Assume the responsibility of your financial success

Many people spend too much time worrying about trivial things and miss what is important. They become passive observers of their financial situation without taking the necessary actions to get the things in their hands.

Every extremely successful investor is thoroughly aware of the fact that you are the only person who is responsible for achieving financial success. Successful investors take charge of their money, by deciding when it is appropriate to take full control of their assets or to delegate some activities to someone else. Whatever their decision, they play the leading role in the management of their assets.

You should remember that this is your hard earned money and whenever needed take the necessary actions to heighten your positions. Hire a professional when you don't feel completely confident in your financial knowledge, but make sure that you are in charge of the things.

Investing Advice 2: Frequently examine your investment portfolio

It is up to the investor whether s/he will monitor his/her portfolio several times per day or once per year. But keep in mind that the successful investor manages to allocate several minutes every week to see the status and performance of his/her portfolio as regards the current trends on the market.

There are many online resources that will provide you with the needed trend information for several minutes. Every month you should allocate time to examine the performance of your stock funds. On the other hand, quarterly checks are needed to ensure that you have made the most competitive choices as compared to other investment alternatives.

Investing Advice 3: Don't overlook tax-deferred investment opportunities

You should make sure that you have put high in your list of priorities tax-deferred investments. Don't overlook such investment opportunities as IRAs and 401k plans just because you need more time until you start to enjoy their fruits.

Therefore, you should not commit the common mistake of not making the best out of your IRAs and retirement plans. You can use these whenever you need liquidity and immediate spending. Successful investors appreciate compounding and tax-deferred growth. They fully understand that the accumulation of wealth requires time.

Investing Advice 4: Don't be reluctant to replace stocks or brokers

Whenever you feel a hesitation regarding a particular stock or broker, you should replace it. Successful investors carefully scrutinize their portfolios in order to see whether a particular investment doesn't worsen the conditions of their portfolio. And whenever this happens they don't hesitate to remove the rotten apple. Additionally, if a successful investor feels that his/her relationship with a particular broker provides no benefits, s/he just substitutes it with another one.

Investing Advice 5: Be a critical thinker as regards to the mainstream media

The mainstream media doesn't possess the necessary for this field insight, so try not to be influenced in your decisions by it. Never forget that the reporters are typically pressed by deadlines and strive to the completion of a particular article. Additionally, they do not possess the trained eye of a stock picker. You can provide the information you need by making your own research through browsing the materials available on the web.

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