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Find a State's Tax Regulations on the Internet

Many people after retiring decide on leaving their current place of residence to explore new states. After taking this decision tax concerns enter their mind. Most states support websites providing information on the tax regulations applied there. Unfortunately, many find it confusing to navigate through the tons of information that these websites offer. The following steps will help you to make your way through the websites of the particular state you have chosen as your future destination.

Step 1

In order to make your search more convenient, close all windows you have opened and set up your screen so that you can both work and view your web browser. You will use this window to open a new session.

Step 2

Use your mouse or touchpad to right click on the taskbar, which is located at the bottom of the screen. The right click on the taskbar will open a pop-up menu from which you should select "Tile Windows Horizontally". This should be done in order to make this window and web browser appear one over the other.

Step 3

Use the "Address" field of the browser to type the home page URL of the chosen state. The latter will typically follow the format, where ABC is usually the postal abbreviation of the state.

Step 4

In order to find information about the particular taxation regulations of the chosen state, you should select the "Taxes" or "Department of Revenue" link located somewhere on the website. If you are unable to find it, use the search box, which is provided on every website to type "taxes". Then submit your query.

The result should be information about the specific state's taxes.

However, if you encounter a problem during Step 3, and could not open the selected website, try to search the website through an Internet search engine. You should type one of the many search engines URLs in the address field of the web browser. We recommend , or

After this type in the state you are looking for in the search box of the engine and add the word "tax" in order to view results that include information about the particular state's taxation regulations. The official page of the state should be located in the first few results and should end by .gov or .us.

These simple steps provide you with simple guidelines on how to make your navigation through the sometimes confusing websites.

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