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Intuit Turbo Tax Software

If you need help with keeping track of your taxes, Intuit Turbo Tax software may be what you are searching for. It is offered by Intuit and represents one of the leaders in tax preparation software for the public.

Intuit Turbo Tax Software Functions

Turbo Tax from Intuit represents user friendly software that asks you several questions in order to extract certain data. It facilitates your decision making by making all difficult decisions instead of you. Intuit Turbo Tax software sufficiently decreases the typing work by allowing its users to import past Turbo Tax returns or to download W-2 and 1099 data. These services save you not only typing, but also time!

If you are facing the dilemma of whether to file jointly or separately, Intuit Turbo Tax software will help you to make this decision by allowing you to check which option is most suitable for your situation. Another very useful service is the ability to check your running total that you should pay or get back for your taxes. Turbo Tax software is absolutely compatible with the rest of the company's products, such as Quickbooks and Quicken, which can further alleviate your work.

All the mentioned above services give a great competitive advantage of Intuit Turbo Tax software relative to its competitors on the market. What we should not miss mentioning is the fact that it can be qualified as one of the fastest and most user-friendly software on the market. As it was mentioned above, you can easily import data and as a result you get detailed and precise filings. Recently, Intuit has removed the product activation technology, which was somehow controversial for it was considered by many a spyware.

Despite the many advantages we have mentioned so far, Intuit Turbo Tax has its drawbacks. Unfortunately, you should be constantly connected to the Internet in order to be able to use the software. During this time you will probably be flooded by many offers. Finally, if you want to have something qualitative, you should pay the corresponding price, which in Turbo Tax's case is quite above that of its competitors'.

Additional Services

  • Error-check function
  • A side-bar with related items and questions
  • The possibility of moving back and forth between different sections
  • Keeps a running tally of the estimated amount you should pay or the tax refund you should receive
  • The ability to send the ready tax form electronically or via snail mail

As you can see Turbo Tax from Intuit offers many practical services to its clients. As long as you are ready to pay the price, you will be able to become one of the many users that enjoy its functions.

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